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Noise is not allowed

Voyager Legend CS

Plantronic Voyager Legend CS is effective earpiece on call 24/7
by Jose Gamaliel Felongco

Answering mobile phones will never be the same once you get to experience Plantronic’s Voyager Legend CS. The Bluetooth earpiece is one of the hundreds available in the market, but what makes it different?

The Voyager Legend looks a tad more stylish than the typical Bluetooth earpieces. The design has most of its weight settled at the back of one’s ear making it comfortable and unobstructive.

Controls for volume and power are located at the main body of the piece, while mic and voice controls are located at the swivel mic.

In terms of performance, Plantronics promises clarity and precision when it comes to the reception and delivery of audio. They did just that with the Voyager Legend CS.

Phone calls are audible despite the loudness of ambient noise. As this is an audio Bluetooth device, the Voyager Legend can also play tunes when the unintended boredom strikes.

Plantronics not only doubled its defenses when it comes to signal quality– they tripled it. The headset has a built-in WindSmart technology which provides a clearer output due to the three layers of wind protection. We found this noise cancellation feature helpful especially in open areas and also in crowded places. For voice inputs, the Voyager Legend CS is equipped with a tuned triple-mic for superior reception of the user’s voice and also to prevent the constant repetition of the word “What?!” on the other side of the line.

Calls can be managed via the little earpiece instead of hurriedly rummaging through one’s phone. Also, it can be used in tandem with a desk phone to make it easier for desk people to answer incoming calls. If that sounds a bit lazy, then there’s more. The Voyager Legend CS also answers to motion done by the user. Want to answer a call? Simply plug it on your ear. Feeling a bit grumpy? Command the device to ignore calls. It can even tell you who’s calling,

Plantronics really did a show of force with the Voyager Legend CS. It delivers what it promised to do. The mobility and the precision we experienced with this headphone made it seem like a wired variant.

In our tests, noise cancellation was found to be very effective and the Smart Sensor technology was also proven to work. If it’s a Bluetooth receiver that you’re looking for this Christmas, then start shopping for this gadget.