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Redefine selfie videos with Canon VIXIA Mini

Canon VIXIA Mini Camcorder

When tutorial videos first surfaced on YouTube, the pioneers had to prop a video camera on a tripod, use a laptop’s built-in camera or a smartphone, positioned themselves in front of the camera and started filming. However, these methods are riddled with complications. With this in mind, Canon, a world leader in digital imaging, released the VIXIA Mini, a V-log (video log) camera that boasts of superior audio and video in a handy and slim package.

Ultra-wide lens
VIXIA Mini’s ultra-wide angle lens captures an astounding 170-degree view in still photography and 160-degrees in video. The lens also grants superior coverage over a wide perspective, making it easy to record close-up videos and group shots even in confined spaces such as recording studios or the interior of a car.

The wide view, complemented by a deep focus, keeps everything in view in sharp focus while a close-up view allows for a more conventional distortion-free shot.

Superior video and sound
With its 12-megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor and the latest DIGIC DV4 image processor, the VIXIA Mini captures detailed images, clocking in a superior high-definition quality of 1920×1080 at 25p even at 25mbps.Equipped with Canon’s high sensitivity (HS) system, the VIXIA Mini allows higher quality images in low-light, with low noise, as well as high resolution still images on par with that of digital cameras.

Say goodbye to over or underexposed shots, common when recording in bright sunlight, with the Auto Dynamic Range control and new gamma curve settings. Designed with a mechanical shutter, the VIXIA Mini minimizes distortion that is normally associated with conventional CMOS sensor video recording. High-quality sound is produced by the VIXIA Mini’s built-in stereo microphone. Furthermore, the sound can be adjusted by selecting the correct Audio Scene Select which includes Standard, Music, Speech, Forest and Birds, and Noise Suppression, useful in environments with loud ambient noise such as moving cars and playgrounds.

Fun and social
Maximize fun and creative shots with the VIXIA Mini which has different effects and filters that can achieve a unique visual style to suit the photographer’s visual creativity. One can choose from an array of effects like slow motion (1/4x and 1/2x) and fast motion (2x and 4x) recording, interval recording, video snapshot and touch decoration.

The VIXIA Mini offers hands-free control via the CameraAccess App, available on both Apple and Android OS, which allows one to remotely control the camera. Those dance sessions that need to be recorded? The app makes it easier as it gives the freedom to mount the camera in hard-to-reach spaces and distant places.