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Create your own Christmas traditions with the Canon PIXMA P200

Canon PIXMA P200

Christmas is when most fond memories are made: decorating the tree, arranging outdoor lights, preparing for a special meal. In the midst of the holiday frenzy, décor has its own way of enriching the holidays.

But creating new traditions or improving on existing ones doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. Canon PIXMA P200 and the Canon Creative Park website (www.canon.com.ph/c-park) can help you transform your home into a Christmas wonderland.

Start with colorful greeting cards and spread the holiday cheer to friends and family. Choose from more than a hundred designs and write your own message. For something unexpected, choose from the varied mini card designs that fit in the palm of your hand and seal it with matching mini envelopes in solid colors.

Deflect from store-bought gift boxes and wrappers and make your own. Download instructions on how to create colorful star, boot or tree boxes using Canon PIXMA P200 for gift boxes that will surely be reused long after Christmas is over. As for your annual scrapbook, create your own 3-D stickers in various designs.

Add that much-needed Christmas cheer to your home with ornaments, wreaths, and banners. Create your own tree ornaments with Canon PIXMA P200 printer and a piece of string. Designs include miniature gift boxes, bells, candy canes, and snowflakes, among others.

The best part about this is you can make decoration time family time. Block off one day and gather the family for some music, food, or even a Christmas-themed movie.