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LINE invites users worldwide to build a better tomorrow for our children


LINE, a mobile platform with more than 300 million users, announced the launch of its charity project “LINE Santa Claus,” and has invited its users worldwide to participate in the event, themed “Building a Brighter Tomorrow for our Children.”

LINE Santa Claus is a charity project that will be carried out within LINE’s Official Account system. Using the ONAIR feature, which lets official accounts receive messages from users, LINE will ask its user base of over 300 million to send their wishes under the theme of “Building a Brighter Tomorrow for our Children.”

Submission of wishes started on December 13 and starting in 2014, LINE will start working on a project to make the chosen wishes a reality, and will post status updates on the LINE Team official account, as well as its official Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

Akira Morikawa, CEO of LINE Corporation said, “LINE has become a global service with over 300 million users, and every day I feel appreciation to each of our users that have made LINE loved all over the world.

We further wish to enrich the communication of people around world, and decided to add something to LINE that lets people make a tangible contribution to this cause. To that end, we are asking all of our users around the world to give us their thoughts on what we should provide the children that will be the future of our world.

We hope that LINE grows to become even more loved by people worldwide.”