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ASUS powers up the game


by Carl Rogel Inocentes

ASUS has recently announced their version of the fastest graphics card, the GTX 780 Ti.

Taunted as more capable than the Titan, the new chipset is expected to set new records in the PC enthusiast world – and eat hardware intensive games for breakfast.

With ASUS’ known cooling features and temperature controls, the DirectCU II, the package would undoubtedly be faster and cooler at the same time.

The ASUS GeForce GTX 780 Ti is powered by 25% more CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) cores and benefits from a boosted clock speed of 1020MHz.

Both of which are significant increases when it comes to delivering true processing performance. On the cooling side of the line, the ASUS exclusive DirectCU II technology claims to make the chip cooler by up to 30% and three times quieter.

Exclusive DirectCU II thermal and CoolTech fan technology delivers faster and quieter gaming

The innovative DirectCU II puts highly-conductive 10mm copper cooling pipes in direct contact with a card’s GPU so heat is dissipated quickly and with extreme efficiency.

To further boost cooling, GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II includes a heat-sink that’s 220% larger than reference along with a proprietary CoolTech fan — this consists of a hybrid blade and bearing design, with inner radial blower and outer flower-type blades that provide multi-directional airflow to accelerate heat removal and enable highly stable graphics performance.

Ultra-smooth power supply for ultra-stable performance
Another exclusive ASUS technology built in the GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II is DIGI+ voltage-regulation module (VRM) — a 10-phase power design that reduces power noise by 30% and enhances energy efficiency by 15%, compared to reference designs. DIGI+ VRM also widens voltage-modulation tolerance and improves overall stability and longevity — by two-and-a-half times (2.5X) above reference.

ASUS designed DIGI+ VRM with components of exceptional quality. DIGI+VRM is built with extremely heard-wearing polymerized organic-semiconductor capacitors (POSCAPs) and while GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II has an aluminum backplate, further lowering power noise, increasing durability, enhancing overclocking possibilities and improving stability.