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PH among avid gift givers, lands 5th in ‘gift’ searches worldwide


With just a few days to go before Christmas, Pinoys are rushing to finish their holiday shopping. And in this season of giving, Pinoys are definitely in a league of their own, as the Philippines ranks fifth in terms of ‘gift’ searches worldwide according to Google Trends. The United States took the top spot. Related queries to ‘gift’ include ‘gift ideas,’ ‘gift card,’ and ‘christmas gift.’

Looking for the perfect gift? Here are some delightfully practical tips to make holiday shopping a breeze:

1. Use Image Search to find the best gift. Don’t let shopping challenges stop you. If you’re looking for the best pair of orange-colored running shoes, try using Google Image Search. Here’s a tip: Search for ‘running shoes’ and select the color within Search Tools.

2. Hands-free search? Do Voice Search! When your hands are too busy holding shopping bags and you need to know what shops are holding a sale, use Voice Search on your phone. Say ‘Ok Google’ or tap the mic button and speak out your search query.

3. Navigation for Google Maps. Never waste time being stuck in traffic or getting lost. With Navigation for Google Maps on your desktop and Android device, you can see estimated travel time and route options when driving or commuting. This will help you manage your time efficiently.

4. Make a wish list. Set up a Google Doc and share it with friends or family so everyone can list down what they want for Christmas. That way, it will be easy to know what others want and everyone gets something they really like.

5. Create a checklist with Google Keep on your mobile. Keep track of what you need to buy by creating a checklist on Google Keep on your mobile. Set a reminder on when you plan to go shopping so you won’t have to join the last-minute rush. Keep in mind what your loved one exactly wants by taking a photo of it and storing it on a note.

6. Grab a book from Google Play. After all the Christmas shopping, it’s always great to have something for yourself. Reward yourself with a good read by getting a good book on Google Play.