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The art of natural juicing


by Len Gatbonton – Amadora

Surrounded by numerous coffee shops and cafe’s along the busy streets of Seoul, Korea, I and a number of friends from the media were privileged to have visited a different kind of cafe’. A cafe that brings out the best of what nature and technology has to offer, the Hurom Juice Cafe or the Hurom Farm.

Apart from the warm, cozy and chic ambiance this cafe exudes, what sets this cafe’ apart is its main goal and that is to spread good health by perfectly combining the products of nature and advancements in technology. The whole concept of spreading good health and well-being amidst the complexities of modern life is carefully and successfully shared through the numerous concoctions of fresh juices, smoothies, all-natural fruit ice cream found on the menu. All these were carefully and expertly prepared with the use of the Hurom Slow Juicer.

Not like the conventional juicers that grind and crush fruits and vegetables, the Hurom Slow Juicer uses its patented “Low Speed Technology System” in preparing all their fruit mixtures. The juicer functions by gently pressing the fruit’s or vegetable’s natural juices. This gentle pressing action preserves and retains valuable nutrients like live enzymes, vitamins and minerals; hence, a healthier and tastier drink. (Learn more about the Hurom Slow Juicer in the coming weeks)

The Hurom Cafe, as mentioned above, has numerous concoctions of fresh juices. Each juice is targeted to a particular health benefit. So, if you want something to improve your blood circulation or to increase immunity or perhaps lose weight, they have a specific fruit and vegetable juice for you.

Part of our visit is a tour of Hurom’s R&D and their test kitchen, also located in the same building as the cafe, we had sampling of the different juices and how it was made and let me tell you the experience was an eye-opener! I never thought vegetables could taste so good in a drink!

The demonstration and sampling were utterly impressive. Every juice mixture made was really delicious! What was amazing was that whether the juice is from a single fruit or in combination with other fruits and with vegetables (oh yes, vegetables were easily and perfectly blended with fruits), each juice concoction to my surprise really tasted good! It’s pretty impressive on how one can enjoy fruits and even vegetables in its purest, undiluted form. There was no need to add water, sugar, artificial flavorings or any additives just to enhance color and taste. What you get is 100% fruit and/or vegetable.

The Hurom Juice Café or the Hurom Farm opened its first branch on May 2012 and to this date has already 4 branches. The café, which we visited at Ganam-gu, Seoul also offers classes where students are called “phytos” from the word “phytochemicals”, compounds found in fruits and vegetables.

My visit to the Hurom Juice Café was truly a one of a kind experience. As what I’ve mentioned above, it was a welcoming and pleasant eye-opener. I am the type of person who often finds adding fruits and vegetables to my daily diet burdensome. Trying out the different juices in the Hurom Café totally changed my views on healthy juicing. What they do in the Hurom Juice Café was truly an art, the art of natural juicing.