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Mayweather not on Pacman’s radar

Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach

by Nick Giongco

Manila, Philippines – High up in the ski resort of Aspen in Colorado, Top Rank chief Bob Arum took time out from his much deserved break to say that while the fight game is abuzz with news that Floyd Mayweather Jr. might end up facing Manny Pacquiao in May 2014, the Hall of Fame promoter apparently dismissed it with a shrug of his shoulders.

“There is nothing with Floyd,” Arum said in an email to the Bulletin on Christmas Day.

Arum has actually met with Pacquiao adviser Mike Koncz just before he went on a vacation and they have both discussed what’s down the road for the Filipino ring icon.

Apparently, Mayweather is not on their radar screen.

Arum said the two leading candidates to fight Pacquiao are Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez although in a chat with Pacquiao just before Christmas in his Forbes Park home, the 35-year-old fighting congressman has his eyes on a Mayweather matchup.

Mayweather has been making a lot of noise the past few days, disssing Pacquiao and Arum and coming out on Twitter with a below-the-belt criticism of the fighter many believe is the worthiest foe out there for the loudmouthed US fighter.

Mayweather, like Pacquiao, is also shopping for an opponent for a scheduled bout on May 3.

The names being mentioned are British hitter Amir Khan and Argentine strongman Marcos Maidana although at one point time, Mayweather also mentioned Pacquiao as a possibility.

While a fight with Khan or Maidana promises to be a slambang affair, there is no doubt that the one showdown everyone is crazy about is a showdown with Pacquiao.

Mayweather is regarded today as the holder of the pound-for-pound title while Pacquiao used to be the legtimate claimant to that mythical title.

Pacquiao resurrected his career following last year’s knockout to Marquez with a decisive victory over Brandon Rios kast month in Macau, making him the most logical choice out there for Mayweather to face.

Pacquiao has actually agreed to Mayweather’s few demands, including the touchy issue of random drug testing.

  • 100hagibis100

    Manny, just fight somebody else and forget Mayweather. He will not take the risk of breaking the zero/undefeated record to keep him well above Ali and the other famous black American boxers. In fact you should avoid fighting black American boxers at all if possible, specially if the fight will be in the U.S, soil. I have high respect for Black American Boxers, they are very good also just like you. . . .you seem better in fighting bigger guys, so fight the bigger Argentinian boxer Sergio Martinez . . .just a suggestion.

  • selfdiscipline

    Bob Arum should convince Paquiao to take Floyd¨s offer of 40 mil. If Manny beats him, it will be a history .. The first boxer to beat Floyd

    • Jacob Canlas

      Pacquiao agreed to this but Floyd came up with another excuse