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Newsmakers of 2013

iPhone 5Cby Technews Staff

The year 2013 was a huge blast in the technology world. We’ve received spectacular devices, from smartphones, to tablets, to gaming consoles, to newer apps that make life as seamless as our top-end devices. We’ve also come across big news about the technology giants that inspired us to think how the future of tech will be. So, before the year ends, let’s review all these massive newsmakers


There are a lot of great handsets that were truly jaw-breaking – yes, they were so mesmerizing, our jaws were broken by the sight of them. Since there are too many of them, here are some of what we think that were really interesting.

Nexus 5

The Google-LG device, the Nexus 5, made headlines for two reasons. One, it’s the best affordable phone in the market – well, at least in the US, because Google subsidizes the cost. Second, it ships with the latest Android 4.4 Kitkat that brought some really cool things into the Android world.

Xperia Z and Z1

We liked the Xperia Z and especially the Z1. The mere fact it’s a waterproof device makes it something to consider seriously. The Xperia Z1 came out a few months later, which was bigger and better than the Z, sporting a fantastic 2.2GHz quad-core processor and a larger battery life, making the Z1 a real powerhouse.

iPhone 5s and 5c

Everyone went crazy when the 5s and 5c were announced. The 5s saw an improved specs-sheet, and with a cool fingerprint reader to unlock the device, called the Touch ID. The 5c on the other hand, was Apple’s attempt for a “budget-friendly” device. We’re aware the price is still quite hefty, but for an Apple device, it sounds like a sweet deal.

Other notable devices include the LG G2, with that cool lock/volume button placement on the back, the Nokia Tablet the Lumia 2520, the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2, and recently, Samsung and LG have each released a device that raised eye-brows. Curved screen smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex. Why curved devices? The South Korean tech giants simply wanted to demonstrate that they can.




BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry had gone all-out when they released their BB10 platform. It was a massive overhaul, and featured a few cool new tricks such as Active Frame and the BlackBerry Hub.

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is catching up and they mean serious business. With Nokia exclusive apps, the Windows Phone became a unique experience. Plus, the Live Tiles is a refreshing look, and the familiar Microsoft Office is more than welcome.

Android 4.4 Kitkat

Google’s new OS sports a minimalist but sleek interface with great responsiveness. New features like Hangouts and improved Google Now. So far, there is a limited number of Android devices that come out with Kitkat, but Google promises more will follow soon, especially in entry-level devices.

iOS 7

It’s no secret the iOS 7 is Apple’s biggest makeover. It’s brighter, colorful, and the icons look different. The multitasking feature was a blast, and the Control Center is a welcome addition: it’s where all the Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Media Controls, AirDrop, and etc, are all located. Very easy access. New gestures, fluid controls, and an overall gorgeous new look.


Instant Messaging Apps boomed for a lot of reasons. For one, as long as there is Internet connection, you can call and text your friends and family anywhere, for free. These are:


One of the good points about Viber is the ease of access to its features easily with no registration required. Also, by usng its new feature, the Viber Out, you can even call or text any number that doesn’t have Viber app.


With over 300m users, WeChat has become one of the most popular instant messaging apps today. It’s “Walkie-Talkie” Mode allow up to 40 friends to talk and message each other with ease.


This instant messaging app has been going on for some time now, but only gained massive popularity and a favorite among youngsters because of its customizable themes and animated stickers.


Line has been ranked number 1 in more than 200 countries, with over 320 millions users, making it the most popular instant messaging app today, along with their extremely adorable stickers.

BlackBerry Messenger

Or simply known, BBM, has recently come to iOS and Android platforms. Yes, it’s out in the wild. Grab ‘em while its still hot!