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Apps for new iPhone owners

Apps for new iPhone owners

by Rom Feria

So you got a new iPhone or iPad (or both, you lucky dog), the next thing to do is to get those apps. Here is a list of apps that I’d recommend you to buy and download:

1. 1Password — this is a universal app (works on both iPhone and iPad) that allows you to manage your passwords and other sensitive information, e.g., credit card information, securely. This app works best in tandem with its desktop version, but having the iOS version works on its own.

2. Flipboard — this universal app allows you to create your own personalized magazine using sources available on the internet. This app makes reading news, social networks, blogs more pleasant and easier on the eyes. Try it, it is free.

3. Authy — this universal app is used to manage your two-step authentication token generator. If you are like me, a bit paranoid with security, you have your GMail, Dropbox, App.net, and SSH server login, prompt you for your password *and* a token before granting you access activated, then having a nifty tool to centrally manage it is necessary. I used to use Google’s utility until it broke when I was beta-testing iOS 7.0, but Authy worked perfectly then and still works now. And oh, make sure that you enable two-step authentication in sites that allow it. Better safe, right?

4. Fantastical 2 – an iPhone optimized calendar replacement. Whilst iOS 7’s calendar app is functional, Fantastical is simply awesome. I use the iOS and the OS X versions (separate purchases). Fantastical’s smart parsing tech is the one feature that makes it a must-have. Imagine typing this, “Meeting with MB TechNews Editor on Wednesday at 8AM at the Manila Hotel”, and Fantastical automatically translates this and populates the proper calendar fields for you.

5. BPI and Citibank PH – useful only if you have accounts with them, of course.

6. CardMunch – an iPhone app that links with your LinkedIn account. What it does is it takes in a photo of a business card and sends it to their server, where it is manually processed and then sends it back to you via the app in a format that allows you to import it to your Contacts app. What makes it even better is if the contact has a LinkedIn profile, it provides a way for you to link with him/her on the site. Cool, huh?

7. Waze – Apple Maps is pretty decent, but this crowd-sourced map and transit service trumps any other maps out there, even Google Maps (this is the reason Google bought them haha).

8. Dropbox and Google Drive — nothing is better in managing your cloud storage than an app that has offline functionality. These apps do not download all the files on your cloud storage, only those that you mark and need offline.

9. Loom – Apple provides you with limited FREE cloud storage for your photos. This app allows you to add another 5GB of online storage and provides you with tools to manage your photos. Having backup copies of your photos is always a good idea. Register here <http://bit.ly/myloom> so we both get extra storage credit.

10. IFTTT – if you are a fan of their web service, then you will like this. IFTTT, short for if-this-then-that, is an app that syncs your “recipes” on the website with your iPhone. What is even better is that the app provides hooks to your contacts, location, photos, and reminders, exposing them to scripts or recipes for automation. Imagine this recipe, “if there is a new photo taken by the front camera, upload it to twitter with hashtag #selfie” – and every time you take a photo, selfie or otherwise, using the iPhone’s front-facing camera, IFTTT will take a copy, post it on Twitter and tag it “#selfie”. How cool is that?

Whilst these are my top 10 (or twelve) must-get apps for new iPhone users, I am sure that you will find more that are more suited for your needs.