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Is it time to unplug?

Is it time to Unplug?Have you reached the point of feeling totally depressed and isolated just because you weren’t able to check on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Or maybe the thought of giving up your fancy over social network sites, blogs, YouTube and the entire online world frightens the living daylights out of you? Maybe this could probably be the best time to give yourself a break. This may just be the right time for a digital detox. Here are 8 significant signs that will tell you that it is time to step away from your gadgets and perhaps the entire world wide web.

1. You’re no longer getting enough sleep
You always check your phone or browse the internet very late in the evening even until the wee hours of the morning. The phones you use can have serious effects on your quality of sleep. Here’s the thing – electronic devices emit the so-called ‘blue light’ which has been found to affect your body’s melatonin levels – the hormone that regulates sleep. What’s more, it also emits radiation that’s not good for your health. In 2008, researchers from the US and Sweden found that radiations emitted by mobile phones cause headaches and interrupt vital sleep patterns.

2. You’re still working even if it’s already way beyond office hours
If you find yourself constantly checking emails or social network sites whilst on a dinner date or a friend’s gathering, it might be time for a little digital detox.

3. You already have the ‘text claw’
Holding your mobile phone for quite awhile can lead to text claw, a condition (which isn’t a medical diagnosis) that can cause cramps and soreness in your hand and fingers. After logging sometime on your phone, you may want to set it aside for a while, stretch and do something different.

4. You have lost awareness of your surroundings
You probably didn’t notice the new interior design of the office, a new co-worker or perhaps the new clothes your spouse is wearing because you are too focused on one thing – your gadgets. Texting or surfing the web whilst doing something is a form of multitasking, which, unfortunately, your brain doesn’t like.

5. Your online activities are interrupting with your work
You tend to check the social networking sites before going to your daily activities and responsibilities at work. Does your internet use affect your day to day functions at work and at home? Are you not getting enough work done because you spend more time browsing the web? If yes, it’s time for you to disconnect.

6. You’re having visual problems more often
According to the study by the SUNY College of Optometry, State University of New York, sustained computer use can cause blurry vision. The study also found that approximately 90 per cent of people who stare at their digital devices for more than two hours per day experience complex eye problems, including dry eyes and blurry vision.

7. You’re constantly suffering from headaches
Too much screen time can cause headache and fatigue. Too much digital exposure could cause more serious damage to your brain. Researchers from South Korea found that people who rely heavily on technology may suffer a decline in cognitive abilities, such as short-term memory determination. So you may really want to slow down a bit.

8. You tend to panic when your phone is not in your sight
An American study found that 58 per cent of smartphone users check their devices at least every hour and majority check their phones even whilst in the bathroom or in bed.