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The right app for the right time

iWatchWristwatches are fading fast and are becoming more of a bling than a necessity. In recent years with the boom of smart devices, we’ve hit the jackpot to a universal handy-dandy gadget. As we’ve seen innovations in communications, gaming, and practically everything else, our “time” management has seen some ups, or rather, apps, of their own.

TechLifestyle rounded up the eight (8) best Apps for Time available on your smartphones and tablets:

1. HoursTracker
Easiest way to track time and earnings on your smartphone or tablet. It can be your work time sheet. With this app, you can easily track your earnings at your hourly job, or track as a contractor or free-lancer. You can also export your time card thru e-mail in text or CSV format. It is applicable to Android and iOs.

2. OfficeTime
This App is for workaholics and freelancers. It is an elegant cross platform time tracking application that balances features and ease of use, exactly and easily tracks what you do each day. It comprises advanced time management features such as spreadsheets data import, dashboard and stat reports with built-in invoicing options.

3. World Clock Time Zones
This App by timeanddate.com always get the right time at the right place. If you are fond of checking time in multiple cities around the world or you want to convert time difference between cities, this app is definitely what you need. It can help you organize your favorite cities.

4. Alarm clock HD Free
This app surely wakes you up with your favourite music and keeps you connected with your social media friends. With built-in weather information, RSS, and social media integration that will keep you informed all night long.

5. Toilet Time Pro
Are you tired of waiting for someone spending too much time in the toilet? This is the app perfectly developed for him/her. This is the first and the only toilet time controller available in the app store. Quick and easy to use just click Start and Finish. You can also use other applications but a notification will pop up reminding you how long you’ve spent in the toilet and what’s the current time.

6. Speak to Snooze
You can control your alarm clock without ever having to touch your phone or open your eyes. It is a voice command app with beautiful, customizable alarm clock design. You can set your alarm clock by saying “I have to get up by..” Or “Set the alarm by..”.

7. Rise Alarm Clock
A unique alarm clock app with a lot of smart features. It is one of the easiest alarm clocks you’ll ever use because of its clever and refreshing way to set time.

8. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
An intelligent alarm clock that analyses your sleep and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase.