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Introducing Plica: The newest headphone from Molami



Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Molami headphones are tailored for individuals who believe in wearability, craftsmanship, design and function. Each Molami headphone features exclusive materials, superb audio and a sculptured geometry that flatters the face.

Plica, the newest model from Molami, is a slim on-ear headphone that exudes effortless style, without compromising audio quality. Perfect for everyday wear, Plica’s demure and streamlined design makes a subtle statement and delivers a luxe listening experience.

The ear caps and headband are wrapped in soft, delicately folded Napa leather, with natural metal accents completing the look. Designed to sit directly on your ears, Plica’s low distortion drivers provide deep bass, and resonate with clean and natural-sounding tones throughout the frequency range. The headband is adjustable for a perfect fit and the removable ear cushions are washable. Plica also features Molami’s signature twisted fabric cord, equipped with a three-click microphone and remote. Use Plica to pick up calls and talk on the go, as well as skip forward to hear your next song.

Plica is available in two colorways, Napa White & Copper and Napa Black & Gold.

Molami headphones are exclusively available at Rustans. For more information, like Digits Trading on Facebook and follow @DigitsTrading on Twitter.