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Pacquiao eyes KO victory

Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley


Manny Pacquiao says it is useless to dwell into the past.

With his heartbreaking loss to Timothy Bradley already a thing of the past, Pacquiao insists “what is important is the present” as the Filipino icon whips himself into form for the rematch set April 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“Throughout my career, you have all witnessed how I turned setbacks into comebacks and how I took advantage of opportunities by turning it into victories,” said the 35-year-old fighting conressman.

Pacquiao said his entire team at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood is doing everything possible to do just that with four weeks remaining before he gets the chance to exact payback.

Bradley was the recipient of a hotly-contested split decision the first time they met almost two years ago and Pacquiao, though deeply pained by the debacle, said losing is part of life and that “what’s also important is how you bounce back.”

Scoring a win over Bradley is not the only thing on Pacquiao’s agenda but posting a knockout win over the unbeaten US fighter is.

Even Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach is aware of the enormous pressure for Pacquiao to get back to his old, cold-blooded ways, saying a stoppage is long overdue.

The last time Pacquiao registered an abbreviated win was in late-2009 against Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico, a fight that lasted until the 12th round.

Roach is working doubly hard to make Pacquiao regain his killer instinct and the support cast–led by the recently-rehired conditioning coach Justin Fortune–is also doing their part to realize the goal of getting Pacquiao back to his knockout ways.

Fortune, who was in Pacquiao’s corner from 2003 until 2007, has reintroduced old school training methods to help Pacquiao rediscover the fire in his belly.

  • johnhender

    I will believe it when I see it ! I really hope he is back but I not holding my breath . They have been promising for years and all we get is lackluster performances and a whole bunch of nothing and excuses why should this fight be different . Not sure if I want to waste $70.00 yet

    • Raymond G.

      If only Manny’s opponents go toe to toe and exchange punches then you’ll have your fight.

  • deadswitch

    I am not sure about this. But Tim is indeed not durable. Pac will get Tim KOd only and if only Tim come to fight and engage in a brawl. Otherwise, if Tim resort to chicken legs, then we’ll have a very boring hide-and-seek fight.

  • Raymond G.

    Finally Manny’s fighting for himself and not for the fans.

  • aldrin mendoza

    but this fight will be boring.. bradley will run … and he will lost..

    much better match up

    damn imagine this..

    pacquiao vs maidana –

    providov vs maidana ..

    providov vs pacquiao
    Marquez vs providov

    and a lot more danny garcia vs pacquiao.. damn you top rank and goldenboy promotional cold war. its bad for sport.

    most boring fight to be made mayweather vs Bradley.. damn imagine that.. bring ur own pillow on this.. we fall sleep thats for sure


    yeah right! goin for KO Victory my arse… Im sure if pac wobble and hurt Bradley instead of goin for a kill or KO, pac would probably pull out his bible and read Bradley some proverbs from the bible.

  • Glen

    I’ve heard all of that before but failed to do so. The only KO Manny was involved was against JMM, but it was his face flat at the canvas. Just do it. Stop hyping anything not going to happen.