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Why Pacquiao will lose again

Manny Pacquiao

Joel Diaz, trainer of world welterweight champion Tim Bradley, knows exactly why Manny Pacquiao is going to lose again on April 12.

“Manny, if you make him think, he doesn’t know how to fight,” Diaz told The Ring magazine in its May 2014 issue that just hit the newstands.

“But if you just come straight to get him, he’s going to demolish you. When he fought (Antonio) Margarito, Margarito was just coming forward. When he fought (Miguel) Cotto, Cotto was just coming forward. When he fought Joshua Clottey, Clottey was just coming forward. When he fought Ricky Hatton, Hatton was just coming forward. But when you make him think, and you’ve got footwork, he gets lost every time.

That’s what is going to play out when Bradley and Pacquiao face off in a rematch at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Daiz predicts. If Pacquiao encountered rough sailing in the first fight, Diaz thinks Pacquiao is going to be in a lot more difficult situation in the second meeting.

“He (Bradley) matured as a boxer. Going through hell and back with Ruslan (Provodnikov) and beating (Juan Manuel) Marquez, his confidence level is high, and he’s more mature as a fighter. That’s the big difference. That plays a big role,” added Diaz.

After upsetting Pacquiao in June 2012, Bradley took on Provodnikov, a heavy-handed Russian slugger, and got almost knocked out for not following the gameplan.

But Bradley learned a lot and stuck to the strategy Diaz had laid out when he squared off with Marquez, who had just blown away Pacquiao.

In about two weeks time, Diaz has an idea how things are going to be.

And it’s going to be a little bit like the first time when Bradley moved from side-to-side with ease with Pacquiao hardly being able to land a meaningful blow and the judges finally giving Bradley the win he deserves. (Nick Giongco)

  • Bay Joey

    Pacquiao is thinking of giving more punches let’s see if Bradley will see one of those punches coming.

  • Dawen Buloy

    Basically they are saying that they are going to run

  • Reynaldo David

    This time Bradley cannot be saved by the judges or the fixer… How can they save a KO or TKO?

  • Vincent Llanosa

    This is no brainer…

  • andres jose

    What win again are you talking about Mr. Diaz, your guy didn’t win the first time, no much talking, just wait and see on the 12th, and be sure to prepare an ambulance with stretcher.

  • Alvien Deriquito

    I partly agree with what Joel Diaz is saying that pac had difficulty winning fights when the opponents move a lot. But that is that thing, difficulty in winning and actually losing a fight are two different things. PAC is an experienced boxer, he can adjust to make his aggressive approach work. Look at the Barrera, Morales and even the Marquez fights to name a few. I feel that the PAC will do the same approach and add in style of throwing multiple punches and eventually dominating the fight.

  • RupertdeGuzman

    How can anyone seriously consider anything from a cross eyed trainer who also foulloud mouth in every round that Bradley is on? Just lucky to have found a non- bathing boxer who knows nothing about nothing.

  • RupertdeGuzman

    Garbage in Garbage out , A Bogus win is always Bogus!

  • RupertdeGuzman

    Tim will retire early!

  • barry gil r. pilar

    ….hahaha its pretty obvious that joel diaz is teaching his fighter to run and no else except run, this makes tim bradley an intelligent runner hahaha, boxing which is a contact sport might only be won by any fighter thru offense, and if manny catches this man it will be the end of everything!…..

  • Kalentong

    If their plan is to make Bradley just run all night, then manny should just stand there all night too and just wait until Bradley tires. Easy money for the pacman.

  • Leo

    Bradley will win because of body odor… not taking a bath a week before his fight. So get ready to cover your nose.

    • Ricardo Agila

      The entire MGM Grand Arena and the hotel casino, including the brothas, will be covering their noses comes fight night.

  • Pacfan12345

    Clottey never came forward.. He had his hands up the whole time and never exchanged punches with Pacquiao. Pac was fighting a black turtle and still hurt him.. What kind of trainer is Diaz if he cant even get his facts right?

    • mr.brook

      When it comes to boxing, Diaz is far better than us fans. Pac was even hurt by Clottey, Go back to the interview part and watch pac’s face.

      • Pacfan12345

        I agree that Diaz is far better than us fans thats why he is getting paid big bucks to train fighters, world champion fighters at that. With that being said, since he is a “world class” trainer he should also know what he is talking about when he makes statements to the press. And for the record, Diaz said “Clottey was just coming forward” not “Clottey hurt Pacquiao” in their fight. Stevie Wonder even knows Clottey was fighting on his heels going backward most of the 12 rounds not coming forward. And I saw the post fight interview after the Clottey fight, a small mouse under Pacquiao’s right eye doesnt show me that he was hurt in any way shape or form.

  • Rufus99

    “If you make Manny think, he doesn’t know how to fight”… truer words have never been spoken. He’s not very bright; he beats guys who stand in front of him with little movement and slug. Box him, he’s lost.

  • Mon R

    yes, run tim run

  • Mon R

    maybe diaz is looking on different directions.. :-) lol

  • mr.brook

    This time, Bradley will convincingly win this fight. He already knew Pacquiao’s style. Pacquiao is very good on brawler boxer but not this type of boxer(Bradley). Bradley is boxing genius, He is using his brain while fighting. He will not just stay infront of Pac waiting for a hit but instead backing while punching and he will outbox “MR. NICE GUY” Bradley knows himself that he has no power so he’s gonna use his b

    • Pacfan12345

      I doubt it. The fight has the potential to be close but it all depends on which Pacquiao thats going to show up on April 12. Bradley is a good fighter, he has guts, will and heart and I give that to him. I cant say anything bad about Bradley personally because I admire his heart and skill and his hometown is an hour away from mine. But tell me the last time you ever saw a champion in any sport say in any post game interview that he “has to watch the tape and see if I really won”? Shows me that he was unsure himself if he really won the first fight or not. And now he is telling the world he won 8-4? Common now. Bradley can brawl or box but when the pressure is on and he see’s 4, 5, 6 punch combos coming at his face and body he is going to start throwing back in retaliation and thats where he is gonna get in a lot of trouble. I think Bradley won against Marquez and that was boxer vs boxer. Bradley v. Provodnikov was a toss up to me to be honest, I can see either guy winning that fight depending on what kind of judge you are and that was boxer vs pressure fighter. If Pacquiao pressures Bradley best believe that Bradley will have to find ways out or fight back or just keep clinching like what Dulorme did against Mayfield last Saturday.

      • mr.brook

        Regarding Clottey? he fought pac just for the payday, But Tim is different. When Pac gives him combo of course he have to run but while running executing counter punches which will give him scores to the judges. You know why I mention that Tim is intelligent when it comes to boxing? He knows how to think on the situation. He knows that he can not fight toe to toe with Pac that’s why he uses his common sense no to engage to Pac. He is just focus on points that’s how he execute the game to win like the first fight. He always throws back a punch while running away from pac just to receive a credit from the judges. He always tries any means to survive and to punch back and that’s very effective as you can see his body movement..

        • Pacfan12345

          Yup Tim is smart boxer which is why I said it has the potential to be close but only depending on what version of Pacquiao shows up during the fight. Honestly, just watch some tapes of the Bradley Provodnikov fight and you can find a lot of ways to neutralize Bradley’s boxing skills and make him brawl. Look especially at round 1, 2 and 12 where Bradley almost got kayoed. 2 of the judges scores that fight was 114-113 Bradley, but if the ref called the 1st round slip a knockdown (which was really a knockdown) the scores would have been 113-113 draw. Thats against a pressure fighter. Pacquiao still has good power and much faster hands and much more accuracy than Provodnikov which is why I think Bradley wont win this one. Just my 2 cents

  • mr.brook

    Go Bradley…