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Roach laughs off Bradley’s KO claim


LOS ANGELES – In the eyes of Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach, it is virtually impossible for Tim Bradley to knock Manny Pacquiao out in their rematch next week in Las Vegas.

“He can’t punch with either hand,” said Roach on Friday as he laughed off Bradley’s claims that he would send Pacquiao to dreamland with his left hook.

Roach is offering Bradley a tip so he could fulfill his job of stopping the Filipino legend when they get it on at the MGM Grand but might end up getting disqualified.

“Bradley can kick Manny if he wants to,” said Roach, who is obviously not awed by Bradley’s win-loss record of 31-0 with 12 KOs.

Roach sounded and looked like a happy camper when just about everyone had left the gym, confident in the belief that Pacquiao will beat up Bradley but hand him his first loss.

When Bradley held his open media workout a couple of days ago, the undefeated US fighter boasted that he would do just that using his left hook as weapon.

Roach just shrugged his shoulders and declared that if there’s one guy ending up kissing the mat, it would be Bradley.

“I didn’t even ask, but Manny told while we were in one spot in the ring that he’d finish off Bradley once he opens up,” said Roach.

  • rey_andulana@yahoo.com

    manny unleash your arcenal for this fight your powerful combo.,, left., uppercut and the manila ice.,, especially you powerful uppercut coz bradley is vulnerable with the uppercuts.,,,,, destroy bradley manny same with provodnicod…………

    • donex

      You mean Ruslan Provodnikov?

      • rey_andulana@yahoo.com

        yes, provodnikov.,,, i dont like to hear excuses from bradley when manny send him to the dreamland,…. brutally knockout by pacmans fury this april 12,… bradley your dead saturday night dont miss this showdown…………………….

  • deadswitch

    Tim’s gonna come out unwashed which will bother Manny which makes him ripe for a pillow left hook.

  • clifford torres

    maybe he can knock pacquiao suffocating by left and right under-arm odor…haha

  • Ramon Najarro Manuel


  • donis lee zetha

    manny give him one knock out puch by solid upper cut this undepeated guy name bradley !!!one punch only upper cut!!!!or punch in the throat!