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Pacman to unleash furious fists vs Algieri

13_pacmanGENERAL SANTOS CITY – Manny Pacquiao is going to unleash a flurry of furious fists on Chris Algieri on Nov. 23 in Macau.

During his padwork with Freddie Roach, Pacquiao spoke highly about the gameplan they are going to unravel at the Cotai Arena but kept the lid on the real stuff.

Still, Pacquiao may have provided a clue of what Algieri and the thousands in attendance on fight day will see shortly after a short chat with a scribe from Manila who came to watch him work out.

“Lahat ng binitawan kong suntok ay puro power punches,” Pacquiao said, hinting that majority of the blows he will unload will be packed with dynamite.

Pacquiao’s knockout drought already spans over five years and Roach is growing impatient but nevertheless feels the long spell will end in 10 days time.

Pacquiao wouldn’t say something when the writer continued to pester him with questions about the last time he scored a stoppage, opting instead to focus on his shadowboxing.

After a few seconds, the 35- year-old fighter then turned to the guy fielding questions that suggested a knockout and their roles got reversed.

Instead of being asked, it was Pacquiao who assumed the role of the one asking and he did it in a taunting manner.

“Ano sa tingin mo? Handang-handa na ano?”

The fellow nodded and smiled, knowing that it was the answer to the question that he himself fired a few moments ago.

While Pacquio declined to say it, it was pretty obvious that he won’t be satisfied with another decision win.

Algieri better brace himself for a storm. No, make that a super storm of power punches. (Nick Giongco)