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Vargas wants to fight Pacquiao

Jessie Vargas

There is one guy out there who is wishing and praying that the mouth-watering matchup between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather doesn’t get done in 2015.

Mexican-American slugger Jessie Vargas is that guy and the undefeated right-hander from Las Vegas believes that while he doesn’t have a large following like Mayweather, he can make up for that with what he can bring to the ring.

Speaking to boxingscene, Vargas said “I believe that I have what it takes to beat him.”

“I don’t back down,” said the 25-year-old Vargas, who made a rousing introduction to Pacquiao fanatics during the Filipino’s dominating performance against Chris Algieri last month in Macau.

On that same night, Vargas, who holds a 26-0 card with nine KOs, beat Antonio DeMarco, a protege of Freddie Roach.

The fate of Pacquiao and Mayweather will likley be determined in the coming weeks.

Both fighters have expressed the eagerness to get it on and major stakeholders of the sport have obviously been giving each other calls and not allowng anything substantial and concrete to get out to the media.

Asked about Vargas during Christms Day, Pacquiao brushed it off as he is more concerned about making a Mayweather fight happen than get it on with a no-name challenger.

Pacquiao didn’t even acknowledge the question that was raised and said that “we’re still waiting word about a Mayweather fight.”

In the meantime, there is no other option for Vargas but to take part in a waiting game.

  • Glen

    Of course he does. It’s about the money that Pacquiao brings. He doesn’t have to pull a muscle to try and promote the fight. But the thing is. Nobody would pay to watch another Algieri.


    I’m the Genie, Jesse. Your wish is granted. You are very hittable and you are feather-fisted and thus, you fit the description of boxers Pacquiao will be fighting in the twilight of his career.