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Holyfield weighs in

EVANDER HolyfieldAs the world awaits the outcome of the negotiations to make a Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather fight, four-time world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield believes Mayweather has everything to lose and Pacquiao has everything to gain in the super showdown.

“Floyd is the one who has everything to lose because he doesn’t want to lose. When you’ve already lost, what difference does it make? But Floyd wants to be undefeated (for his career). Now it comes down to if he’s going to risk it all for this one (fight),” Holyfield told the Atlanta Black Star.

Mayweather is very protective of his 47-0 record and ringsiders share the opinion that the 37-year-old US puncher is not scared of facing Pacquiao but afraid of seeing his immaculate slate get tainted.

It is for this reason that negotiations have apparently stalled even after Pacquiao has agreed to give in to Mayweather’s demands, something that has compelled the Filipino’s camp to entertain thoughts about reviving its fallback option.

Despite claims by Pacquiao that an official announcement is due anytime soon, the unbeaten Mayweather has opted to remain silent even though he expressed his desire to meet Pacquiao during a US primetime television interview last December.

Lately, however, Mayweather has been tight-lipped and noticeably quiet even on social media and the Internet, two of his favorite vehicles in getting his message relayed.

In case a Mayweather fight goes down the drain, Top Rank is setting up the 36-year-old Pacquiao for a ring return sometime in April.

Still, Holyfield, now 52, feels the fight is still going to happen and that it will be a hard-fought contest for both.

“Whoever fights their fight will win. If Floyd boxes and is able to box the whole time and Manny can’t trap him, Floyd will win. If Manny is able to corner him and with the angle Manny throws punches, it would be a difficult fight.”