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Arum strikes back

BOB ArumAs Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinkee were dining with Prince Harry in London, Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum fired back at Floyd Mayweather on yesterday, saying the US fighter won’t risk his unbeaten record against the Filipino puncher.

A day after Mayweather pointed an accusing finger on the 83-year-old Arum as the main reason why negotiations to bring the two together for a May 2 fight have stalled, Arum told The Denver Post that Mayweather is to blame.

“Everybody involved wants this fight, just like the fans,” said Arum.

“We’ve signed off on every point. We’ve agreed to everything. But if push comes to shove, there’s one guy to blame.”

Pacquiao’s tricky southpaw style is the culprit, Arum noted.

“He doesn’t want to fight southpaws. The worst possible opponent for him is Pacquiao. He’s afraid to lose.”

Pacquiao is also putting the pressure on Mayweather. If he turns a deaf ear, Pacquiao said he will move on.

Part of Pacquiao’s itinerary in London is a meeting with a group of influential people who are keen on staging a fight there against Amir Khan.

During dinner with the member of the British royalty, Pacquiao gave a pair of signed Cleto Reyes-brand gloves.