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Efforts under way to save MP-Floyd bout

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr

Last-minute efforts are being undertaken to save the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather super fight from getting shelved.

After days and weeks of criticizing each other for not doing enough to make the fight, the camp of Pacquiao has opted to remain silent apparently after receiving an order from somebody who has a lot of stake in the proposed fight.

Mike Koncz, the Canadian adviser of Pacquiao, said yesterday from Miami that they “have been told not to talk about it,” which is a complete turn-around from their belligerent stance the last few days.

Asked whether it could be taken as a good sign, Koncz answered in the affirmative but made it clear that a May 30 showdown with British hope Amir Khan is on the deck in case the Mayweather fight doesn’t get done.

“We have Plan B on standby,” said Koncz, who will accompany Pacquiao in his remaining days in the US before they return to Manila on Feb. 7.

Koncz, together with Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum, has been very vocal against Mayweather the last week or so, saying that it is the 37-year-old US fighter who is to blame.

But yesterday, Koncz was reluctant to spew more fire as it could endanger the negotiations taking place behind closed doors.

Showtime Sports big boss Stephen Espinoza acknowledged that both camps are working so the fight can finally happen for May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao is aligned with Showtime’s chief rival, HBO, and the eight-division champion remains hopeful that a deal can be reached by the end of the week, saying it is the only fight that matters at the moment to sports fans.

Mayweather fought twice last year, beating Argentine strongman Marcos Maidana on points on both occasions, while Pacquiao exacted payback against Tim Bradley in Las Vegas and beat up Chris Algieri in Macau.

  • Kingfor1000years

    I bet the B8tch, Fraud wants more money, Greedy Bastard

  • danny

    Floyd’s fear of being mauled by a fierce, unpredictable untiring machine that is Pacman who could end his career, is what is keeping him from signing the contract. He made his reason very clear with this statement he made before newsmen:

    “Health is more important than anything, because guess what? When my career is over, if I’m hurt because of something that has happened in a fight, I can’t come to you and say, ‘I need (money).”

    So, money is not the biggest thing holding him back – it is his becoming disabled in a fight with Pacman. At first he was attributing his possible loss on account of PEDs, but he can’t use that excuse anymore because Pacman has agreed to all his demands, so he is pointing to Arum as the final reason for not singing the contract. I don’t think Pacman will drop Arum to fight him; not even by way of giving Arum a step-aside money.

    • iriga1_city1_boy1

      That boxer is unsure of himself and his capabilities of defeating the Pacman.I think
      he is scared.I think Pacman has a mental edge on him because the Filipino is fearless.Anytime somebody asks him about Pacquiao,he gets rattled,rambles and gets excited .I can sense that, if this fight materializes,he(Floyd) might resort into “support me,because i love my country issue” to pump up his courage.He already
      brought that up in an HBO program of Joe Buck one time.
      He must not get into that because this fight is about 2 gladiators,not about where one comes from.I just don’t trust him.

      • Raymond G.

        Don’t blame him, imagine taking 10 power punches in a row to the face in less than 5 seconds is a worst nightmare for a man with the mentality of ” to hit and not get hit”.

        • iriga1_city1_boy1

          Floyd ‘s probably already dreaming and have nightmares about the impact of Pacquiao’s demolition of Barrera,the destruction of Margarito,the disfigurement of De La Hoyas “Golden Boy’s Face” and the demolition ball that felled Hatton.Floyd’s “hit and not get hit” won’t work with Pacquiao.The Filipino in 36 minutes will be able to hit Mayweather.And it will be devastating compared to his previous opponents.Pacquiao is not a practice bag.He will respond.

  • Joseph44

    You mean if Manny or Arum say something against Floyd he will not make the 200 million dollar fight?..Jeez, how about growing a set of balls. Hey Floyd, you gonna call Manny a little yellow midget who is going to cook you rice again? Or are you on your good behavior now?

    • Raymond G.

      It’s humbling time. Just listen to how he now speaks.

  • Glen

    False article… Fight is not going to happen

  • Raymond G.