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Next PBA commish will be less burdened, says TNT’s Gregorio

The PBA Board of Governors has decided to minimize the work load of the commissioner finding his tasks as too taxing such as attending all PBA and D-League games, reviewing game tapes during controversies, handing down fines and penalties while attending to the various significant matters in the office.

In a meeting yesterday to discuss the criteria in selecting the next PBA commissioner to succeed lawyer Chito Salud, who tendered his resignation effective end of the current season, the board noted the heavy load on the commissioner and planned to decentralize his function to make the next commissioner more effective and his work less stressful.

The commissioner’s role will be defined in the coming board meetings as well as the functions of the other officials of the commissioner’s office.

“The board approved the re-organization of the PBA,” said league chairman Patrick Gregorio in a press briefing. “We realize that the PBA is now a very big league. We have 12 teams, we have the PBA D-League, and in the third conference (of the PBA) we’ll have Asian imports.”

“This is the best time to review and analyze the structure of PBA,” said Gregorio.

He said one of the reasons why the board has decided to re-organize the league is the nature of the commissioner’s role. He said Salud, like all previous commissioners, has been attending all games seven days a week – five days in the PBA and two days in the D-League. He also attends all out-of-town game. Then there’s the regular and special board meetings, as well as other matters concerning the PBA.

“The league has grown. Seemingly, we are overwhelmed,” said former league chairman Rene Pardo of Purefoods Star. “Now it has doubled from six (teams) to 12. The role of the commissioner is very taxing. This is a very good time to check structure.”

The current set up of the PBA Office has Salud on top as the league chief.

Under him are members of the Management Committee (MANCOM) that include operations head Rickie Santos, OIC in finance Odessa Encarnado, marketing head Rhose Montreal and admin head Willie Marcial, who also handles the media division of the PBA and is currently the Special Assistant to the commissioner.

However, with the re-organization, Gregorio said that roles will be defined, and other managerial positions will be created to free up the next commissioner of other workloads.

This includes the possible creation of a commissioner for the D-League, the farm league of the PBA.

As for the next commissioner, the board has also approved the formation of the search committee composed of four members to be headed by Gregorio with Pardo and Mamerto Mondragon – another former chairman from Rain or Shine – as members.