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Flurry of punches awaits Mayweather

Pacquiao and Roach

LOS ANGELES – Manny Pacquiao said on Tuesday that he knows exactly how to deal with somebody like Floyd Mayweather as well as his ring antics.

After recharging his batteries with a huge serving of steamed white rice, fried beef strips, chicken soup, a plateful of fruits and two bottles of artesian water, Pacquiao took out his smartphone and showed this writer a strategy he believes will lead to Mayweather’s downfall on May 2 in Las Vegas.

It wasn’t actually top secret but Pacquiao was beaming when he handed the phone for the Bulletin to see the mesmerizing moving pictures.

“Hindi ko sya papopormahin,” said Pacquiao, the delivery of the sentence in staccato fashion.

The video showed Pacquiao pummeling the heavy bag with rapid-fire punches, each blow producing a sound similar to artillery fire.

“Binilang mo ba kung ilang suntok ang pinakawalan ko sa isang segundo?” asked Pacquiao, who put on a sheepish smile after seeing the reaction of the fellow he badly wanted to impress on.

Mayweather is a defensive master and Pacquiao feels the unbeaten US fighter will lean heavily on this expertise when they finally get it on at the MGM Grand.

Told about the possible scenario of Mayweather walking back to his corner bedazzled and bruised and ranting to his trainers that he never really wanted the fight, Pacquiao broke out a hearty laugh.

Then Pacquiao mimicked some of Mayweather’s trademarks, including the famed shoulder roll and his penchant to use the ropes as a refuge from exhaustion.

Once Mayweather resorts to either of the two, Pacquiao promises to unleash an avalanche of power punches from all angles.

“More punches, more chances of winning,” said Pacquiao, whose teamup with the returning Freddie Roach for the second straight day proved to be another satisfying one for the Hall of Fame cornerman.

One thing that keeps Pacquiao’s desire burning is the fact that he has been labeled as the underdog, a role he had last assumed when he faced Oscar De La Hoya in 2008.

“Iba ang pakiramdam kapag underdog ka,” said Pacquiao, looking cool, calm and composed.

“Mas mataas ang motivation mo na manalo ng maganda kapag dehado ka.”

Sounds familiar, right?

Meanwhile, a television crew from the Philippines had to pay a hefty $1,500 so it could gain a spot during Wednesday’s press conference starring Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather at the Nokia Theatre.

Sports reporter Dyan Castillejo and cameraman Val Cuenca said their company had to cough out that atrocious amount to ensure they get a good look at the proceedings.

Normally, the media is not charged any amount to cover an event but owing to the magnitude of the May 2 bout, it had to be done and Castillejo was aghast.

Two other TV stations from Manila have dispatched coverage teams here with Connie Sison leading GMA and Chiqui Roa heading TV5.