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Tons of punches needed

LOS ANGELES – The key to getting Floyd Mayweather out of his comfort zone is not sheer aggression, according to a key member of Manny Pacquiao’s training team.

Buboy Fernandez, the long-time friend of Pacquiao who serves as Freddie Roach’s chief assistant, said on Thursday that while it will be vital for the Filipino fighter to remain busy, it doesn’t mean he will come out smoking.

“Maraming suntok ang kailangan,” said Fernandez.

But there’s a catch in Team Pacquiao’s tactical approach of the May 2 unification welterweight matchup to be staged at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
“Pero hindi ibig sabihin ay bara-bara dahil sa kailangan ay kalkulado ang bawat suntok na pakakawalan,” Fernandez said.

Even Pacquiao agrees that volume punching will be the key in determining victory from defeat.

“Basta’t magiging busy tayo pero hindi ibig sabihin eh sugod na lang ng sugod,” said Pacquiao, who has narrowed down the odds with the favored Mayweather owing to the heavy downpour of support from fanatics.

Even if he regards the Mayweather fight as their biggest battle, it doesn’t follow that the undefeated US fighter is giving him sleepless night like the trio of Juan Manuel Marquez, Oscar De La Hoya and Antonio Margarito did to him before.

“Mas takot pa ako kay Marquez kumpara sa labang ito okay Floyd,” said Fernandez, who thinks he senses a bit of fear in Mayweather.

“Alam nya na ito ang pinakamabigat na labang haharapin nya,” said Fernandez.

“Mapapalaban sya ng husto dito at naniniwala ako na hindi nya madadala ang suntok ni Manny.” (Nick Giongco)