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Roach says Manny doesn’t like Floyd

Manny Pacquiao is not intimidated by the impeccable 47-0 record of pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who battles the famed Filipino southpaw on May 2 in Las Vegas.

“He (Pacquiao) is not afraid of this guy,” said Roach after presiding over Pacquiao’s recent training session at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood.

Roach admits that Pacquiao’s demeanor has gone major changes following his change of religion but the 55-year-old Hall of Famer believes the fire is back in his eyes.

“The reason why he hasn’t been knocking his opponents out lately is he doesn’t want to hurt them and he once told me that he can still win without beating them up.”

But Roach thinks Mayweather has that personality and swagger that has brought back Pacquiao’s menacing ways even after just a few days with him at the gym.

“Manny doesn’t like this guy and I think Manny’s killer instinct will be back for this fight,” added Roach, who will be teaming up for Pacquiao’s 25th fight on US soil.

Pacquiao, 36, became a born-again Christian in late-2012 and his newfound faith affected the way he conducted his business in the ring, noted Roach, who was instantly impressed during his first encounter with Pacquiao in 2001.

The last time Pacquiao scored a stoppage was against Miguel Cotto, who almost went the distance in Nov. 2009.

With only a few seconds remaining in the 12th and final round, the referee halted the fight after a furious Pacquiao barrage sent Cotto reeling on the ropes, battered and bruised.

Roach is confident the long streak of decisions will come to a screeching halt in May.

And it will be extra-special because it will be at Mayweather’s expense.