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Roach says Mayweather doesn’t stand a chance

Floyd Mayweather isn’t perfect after all.
Freddie Roach
In the eyes of Freddie Roach, whose No. 1 fighter Manny Pacquiao battles Mayweather on May 2 in Las Vegas, the undefeated US boxer “doesn’t stand a chance.”

“(Mayweather is) Mr. 47 and 1,” said Roach as quoted by publicist Fred Sternburg, one of only a handful of men allowed to watch the proceedings at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood.

Roach added that “we’re ahead of schedule” with a month remaining before the two stars collide at the MGM Grand.

It’s has been a month since Pacquiao began waking up early in the morning for his roadwork and showing up in the gym in the afternoon.

Roach is pleased with the progress of the buildup and is extremely confident that the 36-year-old Pacquiao will get the job done.

Mayweather, 38, is favored to add Pacquiao’s name to his growing list of victims owing to his overall edge in skills and smarts.

But not everyone is convinced Mayweather will win handily.

Pacquiao’s southpaw style is the Filipino’s biggest weapon and coupled with his fast and furious fighting style, Mayweather will find himself in a whole lot of trouble parrying punches coming from all angles.

Although Maywather did beat several lefties, it was against these guys that he encountered rough sailing.

If Maywetaher struggled against the likes of Zab Judah and DeMarcus Corley, what more with someone like Pacquiao?

“Pacquiao is a different kind of southpaw,” said Top Rank big boss Bob Arum.

  • Woknang

    Pacman will rain punches in Floyd duck mouth until it is goin blooded.

  • grace

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  • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero


    —Muhammad “Tha Muthafukkin’ Greatest” Ali