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Floyd camp sends chilly warning to Pacman

The camp of Floyd Mayweather has sent a chilling warning to Manny Pacquiao.

With plenty of time to get better for their May 2 welterweight showdown in Las Vegas, Mayweather is already in such great shape that he can already beat the Filipino star if they face off right now.

“All of Floyd’s work that he’s already put in, he’s got enough to beat Pacquiao right now. Everything I right where we want it to be.

Everything is on target,” said Floyd Mayweather Sr., father and lead trainer of the pound for pound king, in an article that was ran by the Las Vegas Review Journal.

“He’s physically stronger than he’s been. We trained hard from the start and he’s got a fast right hand working. It’s so fast, Pacquiao is going to feel like he’s getting jabbed, Floyd’s going to hit him so often with the right.”

Uncle Jeff Mayweather, who also lends a hand in the buildup for the richest fight in history, goes further in assessing his prized nephew’s focus and current shape.

“It’s like he has tunnel vision…Nothing distracts him. He goes into the gym, and everything is like he’s on another planet. I’ve never seen him this focused before,” Jeff said in the same story written by Steve Carp, the paper’s man on the boxing beat.

Mayweather kicked off his preparation early like Pacquiao that when the promoters and the top attractions converged in Los Angeles on March 11, the fighters were already in training mode.

The Pacquiao fight will be the fifth of Mayweather’s six-fight contract with Showtime and the 38-year-old unbeaten Michigan native is looking forward to winning his 48th straight bout.

But the heavy-handed Pacquiao, 36, is one guy who can break his heart.

Armed with fast and furious hands and a southpaw stance that his trainers believe will work wonders, Pacquiao has become just a slim 2-1 underdog, odds that suggest that Mayweather is not up against a mere sacrificial lamb.

  • Glen

    Talk is cheap… None of that matters come fight night.

  • Art

    Delusional mayweathers!! Manny would use a $100 bill to pay for someone’s food or buy a hungry person a meal, before he put it into a mouthpiece. Pathetic use of wealth! I’ll bet he could have helped hundreds of people in his home town by now. Plus, how many individuals could be receiving college scholarships with a little unselfish help from a multi millionaire. With one of Mayweathers bets, he could put several people through some of the best universities in the world. Just a thought.

  • deadswitch

    And the Mayweathers said that Pacman is an easy fight. And yet they are preparing like hell. Just shows this is a family of cowards and liars.

  • Kidd Kulafu Guerrero

    47-1; May 2, 2015.

  • Woknang

    Massive mouth bleeding is a main factor of this fight GayFloyd duck Crack lip inflicted by Pacman left straight always.Floyduck goin down between round 6 or 7.