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Pacquiao: ‘Best condition that I have ever been’

Manny Pacquiao

LOS ANGELES — Fear is a feeling completely alien to Manny Pacquiao.

Twelve days before colliding with Floyd Mayweather at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Pacquiao expressed readiness to wage a war with the pound-for-pound king, assuring everyone that all is well.

“If I feel that I am not 100 percent fit and ready, then I have all the reason to say that I am worried about this fight,” said Pacquiao on Monday after a hellish morning run at Griffith Park and an intense mitts session with Freddie Roach in the afternoon.

“But I feel very good and I believe that this is the best condition that I have ever been,” he said.

Asked if his conditioning is at its zenith, Pacquiao boldly answered in the affirmative.

“The best, the best,” said Pacquiao, his face showing no signs that he is facing a heavily-favored foe who is picked to rip him apart according to oddsmakers.

Pacquiao arrived for training camp on March 1 although he had already spent some time working out in the Philippines in preparation for the biggest fight in boxing history.

And his determination and drive to score a massive upset showed during his training days under Freddie Roach, who told the press that he even had to hold back his No. 1 fighter for fear that he might get burned out.

Less than two weeks before meeting the unbeaten Mayweather, Pacquiao craved for more from Roach, who had no choice but to turn him down.

“He keeps on asking for more but I have to hold him down,” said Roach.

“I wanted more, more rounds,” hollered Pacquiao in the background, a tad disappointed that he didn’t get his wish.

But Freddie knows best and Pacquiao admits he has no other option but to practice patience.

“Soon, everything’s going to be settled,” said the 36-year-old Pacquiao, holder of eight world titles in eight weight classes.

“I can’t wait to settle the issue with him once and for all so we will know who is the better fighter.”

Pacquiao didn’t say it but he believes that coronation night is 12 days from now.

  • Team Coconut


    Floyd Joy Mayweather, the highest paid athlete of the world according to Forbes Magazine making at least $180 million for his upcoming fight against Manny Pacquiao on May 2, the boxer who self proclaims as TBE The Best Ever, sporting an immaculate record of 47 wins- Zero loss has always used arrogance, putdown and disrespect to his opponents. He declares himself as the greatest of all time above Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali and other boxing greats and prides himself to not lose any single fight as a professional fighter over a span of almost 20 years, October 11, 1996 as his first pro fight.

    His upcoming boxing match against world champion Manny Pacquiao is expected to be the highest grossing fight in history as early as 2009 and after over 5 years of disputes and failed negotiations, the fight has now been finalized and is expected to gross a staggering $ 400 million come fight night dwarfing the record of $ 150 million when Floyd fought Alvarez and $ 136 Million when he fought Dela Hoya. This anticipated fight rivals the greatest boxing matches not only from an economic but historical sense pitting the 2 greatest boxers of their generation against each other. Seldom you see a transcendental athlete totally dominate their sport like they do but much rare to see two- Mayweather and Pacquiao at the same era. Hardcore and even casual boxing fans all over the world are salivating to witness this superfight.

    Pacquiao is the only fighter in history with the unprecedented distinction of having won titles in 8 different weight class and considered as the modern day Henry Armstrong, one of the pugilistic greats who fights up and down different weight class. Manny is a fan favorite not just because of his fighting style but most of all his humility and selflessness towards the people. He is a congressman in his native country and has built hospitals, schools and other infrastructure using his career earnings. He came from extreme poverty but found success through survival and boxing. Manny is considered a national hero and a symbol of hope to his people who themselves are in extreme poverty. Mayweather on the other hand is a felon who served time in jail for multiple domestic violence involving different women even punching his girlfriend in front of their children. Pacquaio is truly generous even his promoter Bob Arum calls him the Philippines ‘welfare’ doling out money from his own pocket to lines of people at his home or wherever he is. And he does not clamor for the media to witness this act of kindness because to him, it is just a daily ritual. It is not unusual for Pacquiao to have a stack of cash as he hands them out to needy people who needs food and medicine. This is in stark contrast when Money Mayweather posts pictures of him flashing stacks of cash worth a million dollar bragging about his money.

    Leading to this epic showdown, there is absolutely no trace of insolence or arrogance seen of Floyd Mayweather. He has displayed an uncharacteristically humble persona as his battle with Manny Pacquiao draws near. During his press conference, he declares “It’s not just about money- it’s about legacy”. One fight does not define Floyd Mayweather’s career”. This behavior is a far cry from his arrogance and braggadocio which is the hallmark of Floyd Mayweather career. It is a total contradiction of his declaration of TBE The Best Ever and GOAT Greatest of All Time.

    Floyd’s subdued persona- fans call it as focused determination but his body language tells a different story. For the first time, he is showing signs of weakness and fear, insecurity and uncertainty. He is so obsessed with the ZERO on his record but now he realizes that facing Pacquiao can potentially dent his claim as the best ever even conceding that ‘one fight does not define Floyd’ suggesting that he himself realizes that he can actually lose this fight. This thought of losing puts tremendous pressure to the man , and now Mayweather is broken even before the fight. His alter ego of invincibility is being betrayed by the cowardice of the real Floyd Joy Mayweather. The scared and insecure Mayweather who uses domestic abuse and violence to hide his brittle ego, truth is now surfacing and is being exposed. Miguel Cotto, the light middleweight champion and one of former Pacquiao’s opponents declares ‘he guy who comes with no fear to fail is going to be the winner of the fight”. With the obsession of retiring as an undefeated fighter, it is hovering over Floyd’s head the prospect of losing. He is now a victim of psychological torture which he normally inflicts against his opponents. He is trembling scared, terrified of losing to this man Pacquiao he regularly taunts on his social media accounts sending racial and insulting feeds.

    People only remembers ‘No Mas’ when Leonard fought Duran as Sugar Ray forced ‘the hands of stone’ to quit and say ‘No More’. Fans forget or are not even aware of the first fight when Duran beat Leonard. Before the fight, Duran who was well known for his machismo and an unwavering will to win was fearless and even got to Leonard’s head when he imposed his will during the prefight build up and even says he will F— Sugar Ray’s wife after the fight. Duran got to Leonard’s head and it is interesting to see its psychological effect. Leonard fought out of character and abandoned his slick boxing style and elected to go toe to toe against ‘Manos de Pietas’ to prove his machismo and lost.

    Mayweather is now 38 years old and as great as he is, he is on the tail end of his career. He even admitted that he does not enjoy boxing anymore. That too is a recognition of one’s own decline and father time catches up on anybody, including the self-proclaimed GOAT. He breathed and lived boxing since he was born growing up from a family of boxers. His dedication, training and preparation to a fight is legendary. In this upcoming fight, he changes his training method hiring Pacquiao’s former strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza. It is amazing and unthinkable that all of a sudden, Floyd is changing his training method when whatever he has been doing brought him 47 victories and no defeat. Is this focused determination or a sign of fear coming from a man who is the master of psychological warfare and the art of war?

    Floyd Money Mayweather is a scared man. TBE is a broken man even before the fight. He is terrified of the prospect of losing his perfect record of self-perceived invincibility, his obsession to maintain zero record of losses in his career, the drive to surpass Rocky Marciano’s 49 and 0. Above all, he is scared of The Pacific Storm known as Manuel Dapidran Pacquiao. Perfection no more. Welcome to Forty Seven and One Floyd!

  • dmac412

    floyd is not heavily favoured and is not expected to “rip manny apart.” he’s just a slight favorite and is only expected to outpoint manny.