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‘Floyd has to bring his A-game’

Mike Tyson

LAS VEGAS – As all eyes were on Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather taking their respective seats on the dais on Wednesday, a burly man with a face tattoo began to draw attention.

Standing less than six feet tall and still looking fearsome with his massive upper body and menacing glare, Mike Tyson took his seat alongside a few friends and cameras began clicking.

And as soon the press conference ended, Tyson got up, and hurriedly tried to avoid the media rush.

But reporters, photographers and TV cameras swarmed all over him, forcing the former undisputed world heavyweight champion to stop momentarily a few times to answer questions regarding Saturday night’s big fight versus Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand.

“Mayweather has to bring his A-game,” hollered the 48-year-old Tyson, acknowledging that this weekend’s event is definitely a big fight and that the matchup promises to become a great one.

Tyson was mobbed on his way out and security personnel from the MGM Grand had to be called in to prevent the casino-goers from approaching him.

Tyson has close ties with Pacquiao as he had once been trained by Freddie Roach, although their tieup happened during the tailend of his storied career.

Back in 2008, Tyson dropped by Pacquiao’s training session at the IBA Gym on Euclid Street and gave Pacquiao some pointers as he was getting ready for Oscar De La Hoya.