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Duterte hits back at De Lima


duterte DAVAO CITY – The “word war” between Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima has gone deep with the former calling the latter “gaga”.

In an interview with the media here recently, Duterte said that as a public official desiring to run for a senatorial slate come 2016 elections, De Lima should be accountable to the public.

“You must account for the sins in public because you’re running for senator,” Duterte pointed out.

He added he would go personal to the justice secretary.

“I will go personal sa ‘yo, sa buhay mo.”

On Monday, De Lima said Duterte should be held criminally liable for admitting he is behind the Davao Death Squad (DDS).

During his regular TV program last Sunday, May 24, Duterte was quoted linking himself to the DDS accused of summarily executing criminals in Davao City.

The mayor also clarified that he already told the justice secretary before that he is not responsible to the reported extrajudicial killings in the city.

“I told you before noong nag-usap tayo before the hearings. I told you na hindi ko talaga ginagawa yan. Kasi abogado ako, pareho tayo. Gaga ka ba?”

“Yes I admit I am linked with the DDS – the Davao Development System,” said Duterte.

The mayor said he answered “I am the DDS” out of exasperation to a human rights watchdog that urged the Aquino administration to investigate his involvement in the summary killings of 1,000 persons.
Duterte recalled having told De Lima a long time ago to watch her own backyard especially the Muntinlupa jail which he said the secretary “by sheer culpable neglect, made a Hilton Hotel out of it.”

“She did nothing and it was just only recently she raided the said jail,” Duterte added.

“It is a criminal neglect when imprisoned rich criminals are having the luxuries inside the jail,” Duterte said.

“You accuse me of the summary killings of criminals? D’yan sa Muntinlupa, labas at pasok ang mga preso at dyan niluluto ang droga, and yet you have the gall to accuse me of extra judicial killings? It is you who fatten the criminals,” Duterte added.

“Minsan, binabastos na,” Duterte said as he explained that his admission during his Sunday TV program has elicited criticisms from the Justice Secretary.

Duterte, replied when asked about DDS: “Tinuod na, alam mo bakit? gusto ko sila pumunta dito.” (It is true because I want them to come here).

The mayor also said that “there’s no need for them to go to the Ombudsman and there are no requirements for them to go to Human Rights but they can file directly to the court for I want to face them under oath. They can execute an affidavit then I will call them when it’s time for me to cross examine them.”

The mayor also urged De Lima to file a case so he can put her also on a witness stand.

“I will also answer all the accusations and will also ask about your professional and personal dealings,” he said

“I suspect De Lima is barking against me again because of her political ambition,” Duterte concluded.