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Pacquiao: No need for US treatment

FILE - In this May 2, 2015 photo, Manny Pacquiao answers questions during a press conference following his welterweight title fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Las Vegas. Pacquiao could face disciplinary action from Nevada boxing officials for failing to disclose a shoulder injury before the fight. Nevada Athletic Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar said that the state attorney general’s office will look at why Pacquiao checked “no” a day before the fight on a commission questionnaire asking if he had a shoulder injury. (AP Photo/John Locher)

As Bob Arum fumes over the reluctance of his money-maker to take a quick trip to the US to see his doctor, Manny Pacquiao appears to be doing pretty good in his recovery and is considering to have local doctors check on his right rotator cuff that he injured during the May 2 megafight with Floyd Mayweather.

“I am doing good and I can now move my arm without feeling any pain,” Pacquiao said in a recent interview.

Arum wants Pacquiao to travel to Los Angeles so doctors could examine it and release a prognosis.

But Pacquiao feels there might be no need for it as local doctors are equally capable of getting it done.

“It can be done here,” added Pacquiao, who is being groomed to make a comeback in April or May of next year.

A possibility, however remote, could be a rematch with Floyd Mayweather in a spanking new venue in Las Vegas that will open its doors in April 2016.

Still, Arum wants Pacquiao to have it checked in the US so he could make his move and plan for his much-awaited return.

But Pacquiao’s calendar is packed.

Early next week, Pacquiao will travel to Tokyo to help in the Philippines’ campaign to land the hosting rights for the 2019 FIBA World Cup.

The Philippines is up against China and even Pacquiao admits it’ll be an uphill battle.

“But I’ll be there to lend a hand,” he added.

And with the country already enveloped in election fever even if it is still about ten months away, Pacquiao’s itinerary is tight.

There is talk that the 36-year-old Sarangani congressman will make a Senate run but the eight-division boxing champion hasn’t made any official statement.

Despite his hectic schedule, Pacquiao remains fit and trim and looks like just a few pounds over his fighting weight.

“Getting overweight is not concern. I’ve always kept my weight in check.”

  • Archie Palomar Milagan

    First they said he will be visited by the American Doctor, now he has to go to the States for check up. Now still, Manny said it’s OK not to go. Local doctors are just fine. Maybe he’s ashame to go back to America? there are lawsuits, and so many angry people. Maybe the reason he transfered his kids to the Province. whereas before we look upon you Manny with Pride, Now it has all change. We look on you with frustration and doubts.

    • Àlex Jr Salvador

      U’re always entitled to ur own opinion and even so welcome should u change with ur point of view later.

    • Abrian Lim

      So easy for you to just turn your back on Pac just because he lost but when he wins you will be on his side again. Pacquiao own sparring partner admitted that Pac was not able to spar due to injury so they were sent home. It was also confirmed that he was taking anti inflamatory for his shoulder during training. Whatever you guys say Pac was not 100% at that fight and even with that condition he was able to do most of the fighting while the supposed to be best in the planet runs and hugs.

  • Archie Palomar Milagan

    “Today you are a Hero. Tomorrow you are a Fool.” Is this is what’s happening to you? The Man I used to admire before. Soak in lies and greed for more Money..

  • phlpgp

    run for senate seat but not under UNA!!!

  • monochrome

    Pacman fooled the entire world who watched their fight. He just used his alledged injury to make an excuse where in fact it’s not believable that he has injury. He and his trainer/freind buboy fernandez have different version regarding his injury during their separate interviews. He just went to the fight to collect his prize money.

  • dgimfo

    Natakot yan sa demanda ng mga nanood ng laban nya kay gayweather,
    kaya ayaw bumalik ng states. Nagpapalusot na naman.
    Marunong pa sa duktor.