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Duterte to drug pushers: Leave Davao in 48 hours

DAVAO CITY – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte once again called on drug pushers to leave the city within 48 hours or face harsh consequences.

Duterte issued his warning on Monday as he reiterated his uncompromising stance against illegal drugs during a command conference with the Philippine National Police (PNP), the military and other law enforcement agencies.

“I’m warning you. I’m giving you 48 hours, those who distribute illegal drugs in Boulevard to the coastal areas. Pag nakita ko kayo papatayin ko kayo dito, believe me (If I see you I’ll kill you here, believe me),” Duterte declared during the afternoon conference held at the Grand Men Seng Hotel here.

Duterte said he already obtained a copy of the “Order of Battle” from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in the city.

“Let’s be frank to each other,” Duterte added, addressing his message to those into illegal drugs, reiterating his warning to immediately leave the city in 48 hours.

Duterte said he will no longer wait for drug pushers to commit crime. “You are already into crime so leave Davao City now. I already know where you live.”

The last massive anti-illegal drug drive here took place in July of this year where seven drug pushers were killed and 35 others arrested.

Anti-illegal drug activities this year so far has resulted in the arrest of 670 persons with 591 drug-related cases filed in court.

The Davao City Police Office (DCPO) also confiscated around 2,371.32 grams of shabu this year with a total value of P17,157,844.56 and 1,779.72 grams of marijuana valued at P78,006.12.