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Prayers, flowers for the dead


FONDLY REMEMBERED – Nov. 1 and 2, All Saints and All Souls Days, we fondly remember the dead, including fellow writers who’ve gone ahead of us.

With prayers and flowers we honor their memory.

Missed is Emy Abuan, always smiling and charming… and well dressed. The fashionista among entertainment writers, Emy used to say, “Wala akong bisyo, damit at alahas lang.”

Also fondly remembered is Ernie Pecho, former president of the Philippine Movie Press Club, self-confessed “mataray,” but could be lovable just the same.

Speaking of PMPC, other presidents who’ve passed away are Danny Villanueva, Andy Salao, Franklin Cabaluña, Tony Mortel, Billy Balbastro, Hermie Francisco.

Not heard of for several years is Boy de Guia. Wonder whatever happened to Boy, also movie producer and talent manager.

Also gone are Dinno Erece, Arthur Quinto, Jun Pasion, Archie de Calma, Ely Joves.

END OF AN ERA – With the death of Mama Nene Vera-Perez, the era of the studio system ended. Mama Nene was the matriarch of Sampaguita, then home of the most glamorous stars.

The beloved Dr. Jose R. Perez discovered and built up those actors and actresses with the help of Mama Nene.

Long gone were the other great producers: Dona Sisang and son Manny de Leon of LVN. Don Ciriaco and Doña Adela Santiago and son Cirio of Premiere.

No more traces of LVN and Premiere studios, but Sampaguita is still around. The studio garden and the Vera Perez mansion were transformed into a beautiful and historic events place. The studio itself, including the chapel, will be parts of the events place in the future.

STILL MISSED – To this very day, still missed are Fernando Poe Jr., Rudy Fernandez, Nida Blanca, Charito solis, Mario Montenegro, Inday Badiday, Mar d’ Guzman Cruz and daughter Love, Bob Castillo, Mar Cornes, Mama Moncha, Alicia Vergel, Armando Goyena, Nestor de Villa, Ace Vergel, Juancho Gutierrez, Dolphy, Julie Vega, Rico Yan, AJ Perez.

Nearer home, my parents, sister, uncles and aunts, especially Sister Ma. Carmen Constantino RVM.