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We deserve second chance

Have you ever messed up in something and repented with all your heart? Were you given a second chance, and did you flourish as a result?

Lola Nidora is definitely one great and unexpected result of giving a second chance.

Wally Bayola, who plays Lola Nidora in Eat Bulaga’s kalyeserye, went through a trying period and was not seen on TV for some time. Criticisms were hurled against him, mostly from netizens. He sought forgiveness, and was given a second chance. Once again, Wally is a favorite subject of netizens and television viewers, but the criticisms were replaced with praises.

From disgrace to phenomenal success. Life is a wheel, indeed!

Are you going through a tough moment? Do you sometimes feel alone and misunderstood? Do you get negative comments?

Whatever is hurled against you (especially if there is no truth to it), be strong. Nothing lasts forever.

If you messed up in something, strive to make up for it. Seek forgiveness. Not everybody is given a second chance, and if you’re lucky enough to be given such, show the world that you deserve it. Honor the ones who trust you by giving your best and being the best you can be.

How does Wally combine spontaneity and intensity in playing Lola Nidora? What explains the passion and the amazing voice variety in delivering the simplest lines?

Obviously, he loves what he does. He is also very talented. I know that something else adds to the enthusiasm: I think that from the time Wally was given another chance, there has been a conscious desire to prove that he deserved it. He wanted his Eat Bulaga family and the televiewers to realize that they are right in choosing to forgive him.

When you do something good for a brother or “dabarkad” you end up receiving more. When you forgive, you receive thrice or ten times the blessings – in ways nobody can imagine.

The growing number of Eat Bulaga’s sponsors, supporters, and fans proves this.

May it never be that someone in your circle will fail to reach his/her full potential because you keep harping on a previous mistake or failure. Although some bridges deserve to be burned, there are also people who deserve a second chance. Know the difference.

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