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4 perish in Makati fire

A family of four died in a 30-minute fire that hit a residential area in Barangay Palanan, Makati City on All Saints’ Day.

Ricardo Perdigon, Makati fire chief, identified the victims as Annie Eneria, 42; daughters Britney, 14, and Nicole, eight; and two-month-old grandson, Nathan.

Five persons, including Annie’s husband, Rodrigo, who is still in critical condition at the hospital, and her brother, Rodney, were injured in the fire that broke out at 5:45 a.m. on Araro St. Perdigon said Annie pushed Rodney to the creek to save his life.

The blaze that left 30 families homeless reached third alarm before it was put out at past 6 a.m. The Enerias’ bodies were burnt beyond recognition when they were found in different locations inside their three-floor house during mopping-up operations.

“As if wanting to protect the baby, Annie was even holding her grandson, when found at the upper level of the house. Two other bodies were found just five steps away from the street,” said Perdigon.

He said firefighters responded quickly but the fire has already spread through the neighborhood of shanties made of light materials.

Perdigon said they are looking into electrical overload from illegal connections as the cause of fire that started at the Enerias’ residence. (Anna Liza V. Alavaren)