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Tessie Tomas is QC filmfest best actress


JUST A THOUGHT: “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

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TESSIE IS BEST ACTRESS: Where other senior actors weep at the scarcity of good roles coming their way, Tessie Tomas considers it a blessing that at her age, mid-60s, she continues to attract lead roles in either TV or movie projects.

The durable actress-entertainer recently finished three films in which she plays hefty characters. The films are “Old Skool,” “Miss Bulalacao,” and “Water Lemon.”

“Old Skool” and “Miss Bulalacao” are being shown in October-November, only weeks apart from each other. “Water Lemon” was screened in the recently held Quezon City Film Festival where Tessie was declared best actress in awards rites held the other night.

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BACK TO SCHOOL: Among the three films, Tessie is particularly proud of “Old Skool,” in which she plays the central character, Lola Fely, a 69-year-old widow who decides to go back to school to finish her interrupted Grade 6 studies.

The debut feature film of Cia Hermosa-Jorge (who happens to be Tessie’s niece), “Old Skool” is described thus:

“Through graceful storytelling, ‘Old Skool’ tugs at the heartstrings with great subtlety. Generous on the comedy and punctuated with genuine heartfelt moments, it is a movie with a bold message – in your journey to happiness, your dream is your north star.”

The film is the first offering of newly formed Till I’m 90 Films, a homegrown company set up by Cia and her husband.

Cia ventured into filmmaking in 2010 after attending film school with the late director Marilou Diaz-Abaya as mentor.

Profoundly, Tessie states: “The quest for happiness is a universal journey and ‘Old Skool’ shows us one roadmap to get there.”

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NATIONWIDE SCREENING: “Old Skool,” which also stars Angel Aquino and Buboy Villar (“Kid Kulafu”), opens Nov. 4 in various SM Cinemas nationwide. (NESTOR CUARTERO)