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The “tanim bala” controversy has benefitted the plastic wrapping company based at the airports but hurt the income of airport porters.

Switzer Catamin, a wrapper assigned at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2, yesterday said business is brisk after the controversy broke out.

Catamin said sales have increased as passengers lined up to have their luggage wrapped.

“Magkano lang naman ang 160 pesos na bayad kumpara sa peace of mind dahil secured ang bag mo,” Catamin said. “Hindi ka na mangangamba na ma-tampered o manakawan at malagyan ng ano.”

Sometimes, Catamin said some passengers wanted their luggage wrapped twice.

Many passengers have resorted to using plastic wrappers and locks to protect them from “tanim bala” operators.

Meanwhile, airport porters are complaining that fewer passengers have gotten their services as a result of the controversy.

Porters are paid R50 per luggage, but have a daily quota of 40 bags. (ARIEL FERNANDEZ)