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My decision is final – Duterte

DAVAO CITY – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte confirmed on Sunday during his regular TV program “Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa” that his decision not to run for president come 2016 elections remains despite the moves made by his party PDP-Laban and the withdrawal of the party’s presidential standard bearer Martin Diño.

When asked of his reaction to the party’s move compelling him to run for president, Duterte said: “That is what I heard from the radio. I have not received any formal communication from the PDP compelling me to run for the presidency.”

“It’s still the same. Nothing has changed,” he reiterated.

Again, the mayor explained to the public: “No. I already told you before I have no ambition of becoming a president.

I repeatedly said this already. I do not have the stomach for it. It does not appeal to me.” (Alexander D. Lopez)