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‘That’s My Tomboy’ names winner

kit cunanan

“It’s Showtime” awarded the latest grand winner of “That’s My Tomboy,” the noontime show’s most “astig” segment, last Saturday (Oct 31).

Kit Cunanan captivated the madlang people and the judges with her impressive talent and charm and won a cash prize of R300,000.

Landing on the second spot was Mary Christine Nishie while securing the third spot was Julianne Tuason who both won a cash prize of R50,000.

Meanwhile, “It’s Showtime’s” battle of spooky costumes and creepy dance routines “Halo-Halloween” also had its grand champion on Saturday (Oct 31). The group “Names Going Wild” won R100,000 with their horror-themed performance.

The hosts also joined and celebrated Halloween in their scary yet fun costumes like Vice Ganda who channeled the terrifying doll “Annabelle;” Karylle who became a zombie; and Jhong Hilario who dressed up as the game character “Pacman.”