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Walking the PadBot

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Robotics is a world that is slowly making its way to worldwide consumers and businesses. We’ve seen amazing robots in action on TV and in the Internet, through rescue operations to toys for kids. This time around, robotics is making its way into business establishments, and development on how to blend them together is a long-term plan that many of us are excited to see.

The PadBot is among the first slew of robots to enter the country. It’s a robot that can be controlled with a mobile device via Wi-Fi. You’d have to download its app first, which QR code can be scanned on the box the PadBot is shipped from. Don’t worry, the app is for free. However, controlling the robot is one thing, seeing where it goes is another. For longer distanced controlling, you’ll need a second mobile device—preferably, a tablet that can fit in the PadBot’s fixture stand—with the PadBot app installed and also connected to the Internet.

The mobile device that will act as the remote will call the second device that is attached on the PadBot. This will lead to the video chat feature that will allow users to interact the PadBot’s current surroundings.

While the video chat is active, slide your finger up or down the screen to tilt the PadBot’s head, adjusting the tablet’s line of sight. It also features a Collision Prevention and Anti-Falling System that will automatically put the PadBot on brakes if it comes close to an obstacle or a deep gap where it could fall.

It features two recharge options. The first is a standard adaptor and the other is a magnetic charging dock. The latter allows the PadBot to be operated anytime and stay all fired up when idle. It also comes with a USB port where tablets will be able to charge from the PadBot itself.

This is still the early stages on how people and businesses will utilize robots such as PadBots that will allow interaction to other people. How well it will go, only time can tell, but we hope it’s an awesome one. (CA Garcia)