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Roxas: We would all suffer under Binay

Administration standard-bearer Mar Roxas yesterday launched its most vicious attack against opposition bet Jejomar Binay, warning the nation of dire consequences if the Vice President is elected to Malacañang.

“Like what he did in Makati, the stealing, if we let him do that to the whole country, we would all suffer,” said Roxas in a statement.

Before being elected to the country’s second highest post, Binay was a long-time mayor of Makati.

Roxas, faring badly in presidential surveys, urged Binay to explain how he managed to accumulate at least P11 billion and obtain prime properties such as a hacienda in Batangas and an expensive log cabin in Tagaytay.

The tirade came after Binay accused Roxas of incompetence and slow response during the rehabilitation of areas ravaged by super typhoon Yolanda. He also criticized the government’s under-spending that contributed to the slow growth of the economy.

“The Vice President is talking too much. I suggest that he should just answer all the allegations of corruption leveled against him instead of giving false hopes and deceiving the people,” Roxas said.

The Liberal Party bet said he will not be distracted by Binay’s attempts to bring him down.

“I am not capable of stealing people’s money. I am not also capable of promising heaven and earth just to get your votes. But I can create jobs. That is what I know and that is what I will do,” Roxas said.

On the issue of government under-spending, Roxas chastised Binay.

“It only shows that he (Binay) does not understand or does not read the latest data because according to the latest GDP (Gross Domestic Product), government spending grew by 17 percent in the last quarter,” he said.

“The government is making sure that people’s money is not being stolen and is only being spent to benefit the people. That is the reason why we are very careful in funding government projects.”

  • Edward

    Whilst what Roxas says may be true, it is never a good sign when a politician, instead of selling himself, denigrates the opposition in a personal manner rather than attacking his policies. It smacks of desperation and a lack of professionalism.

    However all the candidates seem to be very short on details in their manifestos. Could this lack of detail be due to a lack of ideas?

    • Parasatama

      go marroxas website you will be surprised how much he has accomplished for the whole country

  • Gabriela Silang

    bakit ang anghang ng atake ni rozas kay binay pero hindi pinagpipyestahan ng media? pero yung kay duterte basta pabor kang rozas, ayun sakay lahat…just wondering….hmmmm

  • marwan_91

    If we don’t like Roxas, he nothing to lose. If we vote for a person with questionnable finances, then we have more to lose because we won’t be able to recover the alleged stolen money and they would suck us more.