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Will love prevail over revenge in ‘Pasion De Amor’ finale?

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Primetime television’s hottest series “Pasion De Amor” serves up its last four weeks packed with unpredictable twists, intense emotions, and passion-filled romance.

Gabriela (Teresa Loyzaga) is on her way to getting redemption as she subtly and gradually admits to her sins. This prompts Elizondo sisters Norma (Arci Munoz), Sari (Ellen Adarna), and Jamie (Coleen Garcia) to convince their mother to surrender herself to authorities. Will Gabriela agree?

With everything that has happened, the Elizondos and the Samontes— Juan (Jake Cuenca), Oscar (Ejay Falcon), and Franco (Joseph Marco)— will not only strengthen their bond, but will also let their hearts grow even closer.

Just as when things are falling into place, however, Gabriel (Wendell Ramos) manages to escape jail, which will put their lives in danger once more.

Since “Pasion De Amor” aired last June, the telenovela adaptation has consistently dominated its timeslot in national TV ratings. It hit an all-time high of 29.2% in October and regularly occupies a spot in the top ten most watched programs in the country, according to Kantar Media.