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Fans ask: ‘Where is Kris Aquino?’

KRIS Aquino

FANS have expressed concern over talk show host-actress Kris Aquino after she stopped posting updates on her Instagram and personal blog for more than one week now.

Aquino, who will turn 44 on Valentine’s Day, has been one of the most active celebrities who give updates on her activities whether showbiz or personal matters.

In her Instagram, the last items Aquino posted were pictures from Bangkok, Thailand where she had a shoot last Jan. 25. She also brought her sons Joshua and Bimby to the Bangkok shoot.

Her last posting was about the Thai food served in her room. It was captioned: “From my room service dinner last night: Yam Som O (pomelo salad), Khao Phad Kai Dao (fried rice w/ chicken) & Por Pia Goong (fried prawn spring rolls). Headed to the airport.

I regret not having taken a picture during the shoot of lunch – the steamed fish na gusto kong matutunan how to prepare, and how pretty they presented the fresh fruit platter, the pineapple was super small and exceptionally sweet, the cantaloupe & the watermelon were both so vibrant in color and made me wonder if they were injected w/ sugar syrup to make them that juicy.”

Reports said that the Queen of All Media was down with flu.

It was learned that Aquino was even represented by some of her staff members during a meeting for another endorsement.

But her IG fans said that Aquino would still post updates even if she had flu or not feeling well.

Aquino has 2.4 million followers on Twitter.