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Being mom is Regine’s utmost priority


TEN days before the concert date, the “Royals Concert” presented by PLDT HOME DSL trended on Twitter with #ROYALS10DaysToGo. Loyal fans, especially those of Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez, began to express their excitement online about this event set to happen on Feb. 13, Sunday, at the Mall of Asia Arena.

The Songbird, Ms. Regine Velasquez, may be holding a lot of excellent titles in the field of music, movies and television, but if you talk to her at length, you would know in your heart that it is being Mommy to four-year-old Nate is her utmost priority.

A typical day for Regine involves bringing Nate to school, picking him up and playing with him.

“Before that was the routine, but now I’m a little bit busier. I can still bring him to school but my husband will be the one to pick him up. My tip to busy working moms like me is that when Nate asks me to play with him, I make time for him even for just 10 minutes,” Regine shares.

Regine considers time as the most valuable thing she can give to her loved ones. As her schedule gets filled up each day with rehearsals and shows, Regine is very happy with how technology helped her strengthen her connection with her family especially with Nate. “I feel very blessed now because technology allows me to talk to Nate even when one of us is not at home through video calls. I can also see them on the FamCam real-time when I am far away,” she said.

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