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Call centers back Mar

Top executives of the Information Technology-Business Processing Outsourcing industry have consolidated forces to support administration standard-bearer Manuel A. Roxas II to whom they attribute the setting up of the industry in the country that now employs 1.3 million Filipinos and generates $25 billion in revenues.

And to maximize the support system for Roxas whom they described as the “Father of the IT-BPO,” the industry top executives have launched a series of seminars that aims to remind their colleagues of the contributions of the Liberal Party presidential bet to the call center community.

“Majority of our population are very young voters heavily engaged in the social media so we really need to educate them, the leaders exert effort to educate the voters because they are exposed to so many information in social media that could affect their choice of the presidency,” Jeanine Nevada of Convergys said after a meeting with Roxas in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

“In our case, there is no question on whether or not we believe that Mar deserves to president. What we are after is to ensure that the entire BPO population of voters understands it the same way we do,” she added.

During the meeting with Roxas, IT-BPO executives narrated to their colleagues how they started from scratch back in 2010 when the concept of call center is still alien to the Philippine business community.

They recalled that it was Roxas who crisscrossed the world to convince foreign investors to consider the Philippines in their BPO investments.

Roxas said that he remembered being laughed at by both government officials and some business leaders when he introduced the idea of IT-BPO when he was still the secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry during the time of President Joseph E. Estrada.

“But now, you can see that it generated more than a million jobs and the Philippines is No. 1 in call center,” said Roxas.