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Pacquiao pummels mitts

Manny Pacquiao

The thunderous sound of Manny Pacquiao’s gloves hitting Freddie Roach’s mitts reverberated throughout the gym yesterday in General Santos City exactly a month before the Filipino pride meets Tim Bradley in Las Vegas.

Being a non-sparring day, Pacquiao vented his ire on Roach’s twin pads, the sound created was like that of a punch delivered not by a mere welterweight but by a much heavier guy.

Sparring partners Ghislain Maduma of Canada and Lydell Rhodes of the US, who will join Pacquiao at the Wild Card Boxing Club starting next week, share the same observation.

But it was Rhodes who came up with the peppery remark.

“I think he can fight tomorrow,” said Rhodes, obviously exaggerating but maintained that Pacquiao can still bang with the division’s finest based on his close encounter with him.