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‘Huwag naman’

Mar Roxas warns against electing candidate facing corruption raps.

Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas is more scared than excited about Vice President Jejomar Binay’s campaign promise to turn the entire country into Makati City.

This is because of the underlying threat of corruption under a Binay administration, according to Roxas.

Roxas said the fear of corruption under a Binay administration was already buttressed by a report of the Commission on Audit (CoA) which pointed the Vice President as the one liable for the bloated cost of the Makati carpark building.

“This was what he did in Makati. This is a clear example on the type of leadership that happened in Makati,” said Roxas.

“And now he is saying that he will bring his Makati leadership style for the entire country? Huwag naman. Kawawa naman ang ating bansa,” he added.

Binay was tagged as among the principal respondents on the alleged overpriced Makati carpark building which is being labeled as the most expensive building in the world.

The recent CoA report disclosed irregularities from budgeting to procurement to construction of the Makati Parking Building II, which led to the misuse of public funds.

The special team who conducted the audit also noted that the P283 million nine-storey parking building was upgraded to a P2.28 billion 11-storey building without an approved building plan and budget cost.

“The price was bloated up to 10 times but we cannot see it on the building,” said Roxas.

Since he ran in the vice presidential race in 2010 elections, the campaign jingle of Binay has underlying message that he is an architect of the Makati progress and that he could bring that progress to every Filipino family.

The campaign jingle proved effective but Roxas cautioned the voters that it is not true, saying the Vice President has not contributed anything in economic progress for more than five years as vice president of the country.

What was proven, according to Roxas and his camp, was the alleged involvement of Binay and his family on corruption as what was revealed during the series of Senate investigation.