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Pia says she’s coming home again, denies dating exclusively

13Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach copy

MISS Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach announced yesterday that she will be coming home again soon as she denied she was exclusively dating.

“I am going back home soon, I can’t reveal exactly when [though] pero malapit na akong umuwi. I think you guys will know when I am going back home. It’s not going to be a secret anyway,” said Wurtzbach during a live Facebook chat early yesterday morning (1 a.m. Philippine time).

Wurtzbach came home to the Philippines as Miss Universe on Jan. 23 and stayed up to Jan. 30. Sources said that the Filipino-German beauty queen is scheduled to arrive next month for the grand coronation of the 2016 Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on April 17.

Following reports that she and Dr. Mikhail Varshavski were seen together on several occasions, Wurtzbach denied rumors that she was exclusively dating.

“There is no exclusive someone in my life. This is my priority,” said Wurtzbach, as she pulled out the Miss Universe sash from her bag and showed it.

Wurtzbach said that she will soon visit other countries, including South America, as part of her duties as Miss Universe,

“We are going to visit other countries within the year, I’ve seen the calendar. But the thing is I cannot reveal them yet. Paano kung hindi matuloy?” she said.

Wurtzbach, who confessed she was pro-LGBT, said that she was more focused on HIV-AIDS training these days.

“We’re having more training about AIDS. I know a lot about it now than before. Actually nagde-debate na kami ng mga ka-group chat ko about it, and I think it’s good because we are learning more about it. I think that’s the whole point of doing all this,” she said.

Wurtzbach said that she drinks three cups of coffee in one day and admitted being scared of ghosts.

“Matatakutin ako. When I’m alone and I hear bit of sound, it scares me,” she said.

Food chat
During the 23-minute live chat, Wurtzbach talked about Filipino dishes and challenged her fans to come up with simple Filipino food.

“Gagawin ko, then you do it. Something everybody will eat. Di masyadong exotic. Unfortunately, we are not doing balut guys. We can’t do balut. Honestly. How many people honestly eat the sisiw?” the beauty queen asked. “We can’t do dinuguan, ako lang kakain nun.”

Balut is a developing duck embryo which is boiled and eaten from the shell while diniguan is a Filipino stew made of pork meat cooked in pig’s blood.

Wurtzbach, who studied culinary arts, said that they were taught in school international dishes because local dishes are learned at homes. She also said that she used to bake chocolate cup cakes with peanut butter icing. She then decided to cook lumpia the result of which will be posted in the Miss Universe social media this week.

“Do your own version, share it, tag Miss Universe. It’s a fun activity, do it with your friends, do it while you tsismis about me and whoever you think I’m dating,” said Wurtzbach, who referred to Dr. Mike, dubbed “the hottest doctor of Instagram.”