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Cristine to Vivian: ‘You were lying about me’

By Tessa A. Castillo

CRISTINE ReyesA very composed Cristine Reyes came out on television Friday night to clarify issues raised against her by her “Tubig at Langis” co-star Vivian Velez.

Reyes averred that Velez’ accusations were not true. “I have evidence and messages from my (“Tubig at Langis”) co-stars, from the management and the staff… alam naman naming lahat ang totoo na you were lying about me,” exercising restraint in emotions, Reyes addressed Velez.

Reyes made it clear that in airing her side, she was not out to fan into flame the spark between her and Velez but to defend herself for the sake of her family who had been disturbed by the controversy. Reyes recently married mixed martial arts expert and Cosmo hunk Ali Khatibi with whom she has a child named Amarah.

The conflict between the two actresses started with the change in dressing room assignment on the set of the ABS-CBN teleserye. Reyes said she requested for a change in dressing room but made it clear that she did not request for Velez’ room.

Tension broke out when they shared room, according to Reyes, as she witnessed Velez’ attitude problem.

Earlier reports have it that Velez quit “Tubig at Langis,” blaming Reyes for her rudeness and disrespect of her as a senior actress. Velez claimed that Reyes, wanting the room all for herself, employed uncouth tactics to ease her out.

“I want to clarify all the accusations. Wala akong pinapaalis na kahit sino sa dressing room, kahit sinong kasama ko, never ko ho ’yun gagawin,” Reyes said.

Reyes claimed that even before their conflict surfaced, there had been talks going around the set that Velez’s character in “Tubig at Langis” would be axed because of alleged issues of production concerning the latter.

“But she found out already na papatayin yung character n’ya sa ‘Tubig at Langis’. Why?

Because everybody was complaining about her especially the production staff,” Reyes said.

For now reconciliation between the two actresses seems farfetched. The damage has been done, according to Reyes and she is not open just yet to make amends with Velez.