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Bradley will be elusive

Teddy Atlas has Manny Pacquiao all figured out that he intends to make Tim Bradley impose himself and not allow the Filipino star to dictate the tempo of their third fight on April 9 in Las Vegas.

Atlas, who was called in to retool the US fighter, told fightnews that Pacquiao simply did just about everything he wanted in the first two meetings, something that should not happen this time.

“(We should) eliminate situations where Timmy (Bradley’s nickname) is hit with lefts – either off the jab or leads.

In the second fight, although I know Tim was injured, Pacquiao was able to walk him down and we can’t allow that,” said Atlas.

While the 37-year-old Pacquiao has slowed down a bit and even suffered an injury the last time against Floyd Mayweather, Atlas feels Bradley has to expect to face the “ultimate Pacquiao,” someone who is fast and furious and oozing with bad intentions.

“I didn’t see any influence from injury in the Mayweather fight. When he had to throw that hand, he did without wincing or discomfort. As for age, I haven’t seen any dissipation and I don’t expect any now.”

Atlas and Bradley have been working the past several weeks almost under wraps in palm Springs, away from the madding scene of Hollywood where Pacquiao has checked in for the final stage of his buildup that kicked off in General Santos City.

Famous for his role in the early career of Mike Tyson, Atlas sums up the blueprint for Pacquiao’s downfall.

“Not to allow Pacquiao to control the pace or rhythm of the fight,” said Atlas.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao will step up his sparring sessions today when he goes up with Frankie Gomez at the Wild Card Boxing Club.

Barely a week after arriving in the US, Pacquiao is making trainer Freddie Roach sport a wide grin.

The last time Pacquiao sparred, he went four rounds each with Ghislan Maduma and Lydell Rhodes in the presence of Top rank chief Bob Arum and Academy Award-winning director William Friedkin.